Author: Isaac Cymrot

Travel Insurance for Family Adventure

Your kids are free.  Period.  End of discussion right?  While I know that may have gotten your attention, I also know that price alone won’t necessarily get you hooked, and that’s ok!  While reading a recent article about family travel making up 30% of today’s traveling public, my first thought was “Great!  We offer Kids Free on a couple plans, touchdown!”  Then I got to thinking that if the trend is for more adventurous travel and different experiences then families will also be shifting their thinking about spending habits.
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Importance of Medical Travel Coverage

A couple weeks ago Erin provided tips for staying healthy while traveling (Check it out here), but what happens if you don’t heed her advice and find yourself scrambling for a doctor, or worse, with a serious medical emergency?  The most important thing you can do is purchase a travel protection policy from a third party provider, like TII of course!  One common mistake – err, misconception – Americans have is that our medical insurance, Medicare or credit cards will cover us for medical emergencies outside the country.  Unfortunately, this is not often the case and you could find yourself scrambling to come up with a significant amount of cash to pay for treatment.
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What are Travel Assistance Services?

One of the most often overlooked benefits within our Worldwide Trip Protector products are the Travel Assistance Services.  The first thing that comes to mind for most people when you mention assistance services is for medical evacuation.  While these unfortunate situations are a common reason why you might utilize these services there are plenty of other benefits available.
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