Attention all food lovers, Brussel’s holds a yearlong food festival that you do not want to miss! Brusselicious, held in Brussels, Belgium is a food event that is known for its individuality and high quality. Every year that the festival occurs, a different theme is chosen and 2012 has been announced as the year of gastronomy. Since 2012 is being named the gourmet year, it is giving the chance for superior chefs to showcase their creations and allow thousands of visitors to experience fine dining in a great deal of locations.

The festival allows visitors to try tastes they’ve never experienced in interesting places including parks, small restaurants and bistros, five star restaurants, and even street corners around the city.  There are a great number of events that are scheduled throughout the festival including food demonstrations, chocolate and beer tastings, trade fairs and showcases of new and innovative food creations. The festival occurs during planned events throughout the entire year. Just a few include dinner on a gourmet tram, a meal on a platform suspended in the air by a crane, or a walk through a dinosaur museum that is changed in order to explore your sense of taste and touch through different foods. Pick which event appeals most to you on the long list and start making travel plans now!

Which Brusselicious event would you like to visit most?