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Affording Travel In Retirement

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It may seem difficult to afford travel once you’re retired. However, it’s possible for anyone to travel on any budget! Your age or income shouldn’t hinder your ability to travel. Sometimes money is a bit tighter, but you can still make travel more affordable. Travel Insured has some tips for retired individuals who want to travel on a budget.
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Best U.S. Fall Festivals of 2015

There are so many activities that occur during the fall. As the weather starts to cool down and the leaves change on the trees, several fall gatherings begin. Some festivals are centered around food while others are a mix of different activities and vendors. If you have the opportunity, check out these popular fall festivals around the U.S.
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Why Vacations Are Beneficial

Have you ever noticed how people who travel a lot tend to be happier and more positive? That’s probably not a coincidence. Experiencing a place away from home has been found to increase your well-being. Even after travelers return home, the positivity and happiness in their life increases. Travelers also have more energy, less health issues, and an overall satisfaction with life. In fact, these benefits are contagious!
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New Travel Industry Trends in 2015

Every year new trends arise that impact the way we travel. The boost in technology is a major factor for continual change in the industry. Traveling has the potential to be more authentic and exciting thanks to new trends constantly emerging. So what are the current trends shaping the travel industry? Keep reading to find out!
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2015 Hottest Travel Destinations

It’s that time of the year, where we all want to start planning our trips for 2015! The travel “hot spots” change from year to year based on new trends, pricing, newly introduced accommodations and activities, and where the biggest names in the industry plan on spending some time. Check out our list of the most notable destinations and the reasons why you’ll want to visit them this particular year.
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Travel Hacks for Your Next Vacation

Copy of T ravel hacks-1With long weekends and holidays arriving within the next few months, we found some of the top travel hacks that will ensure smooth sailing from beginning to end.  Check out these quick tips for making your life a bit easier on that next trip!
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Summer Travel Savings Tips

With summer vacations nearing close, most of us are looking forward to taking some time off and hopefully taking a few trips. With an expensive summer among us, it shouldn’t mean that you have to stay home. We wanted to provide you with some summer travel savings tips so that you can enjoy your vacations and stop worrying about the expenses!
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Top 2014 Summer Vacation Destinations

Summer is almost here! After a long, harsh winter, 90 percent of Americans say they will take a vacation this summer. Whether you want a laid back relaxing vacation, or an action packed one, each of these popular locations can provide you with just that. Here are some of the most popular Summer vacation destinations of 2014, happy traveling!
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Best Foodie Festival Destinations of 2014

Calling all foodies – what better way to celebrate your love of food than a community-wide festival, bringing together favorite foods and local culture? Here are some of the most popular food and wine festivals that thousands of individuals plan vacations for every single year!

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Top Spring Festivals of 2014

The days are growing longer and winter is finally fading away. Many of us are itching to get outside, get some fresh air, and have some fun! With the beautiful change in weather, Spring is often considered the most popular season for travel. Here is a look at some of the most popular festivals that are definitely worth traveling to during Spring 2014!
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