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2019 Bold Travel Predictions

2019 Travel Trends

2019 is upon us and that means a whole new year of travel trends. 2019 also means a whole new set of travel predictions, so let’s get forecasting:

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How To Use Your Cellphone Abroad



Using your cell phone in another country can seem intimidating.  Don’t want to get home to a shocking cell phone bill for calling, texting, or even using your GPS?  We wanted to provide you with a few steps you can take to make sure you stay connected to friends and family while traveling—without paying more than you have to.

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Social Media Don’ts When Traveling

socialmediatraveldontsSummer is here and that means many of us have plans to hit the beach and take a vacation or two over the next few months. When vacation has finally arrived, many of us head right to our social media to share posts and pictures about just how excited we are to get away. Although it seems like a fun way of showing off your trip to friends and family, sharing on social media while on vacation can actually be very risky. According to the MetLife Auto & Home Safety Pulse: Danger at the Door survey, 15 percent of the total population reports using social networking sites to post updates when leaving their homes, and more than double that amount—35 percent—of younger Americans (aged 18-34) “check in” to locations and tweet about their whereabouts when away.
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New Travel Industry Trends in 2015

Every year new trends arise that impact the way we travel. The boost in technology is a major factor for continual change in the industry. Traveling has the potential to be more authentic and exciting thanks to new trends constantly emerging. So what are the current trends shaping the travel industry? Keep reading to find out!
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Best Travel Apps of 2015

In this day and age, most of us consider our smartphones to be our biggest tool and resource for getting information that we need as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking to book the trip of a lifetime, are currently in a foreign country and need help, or just want to share your travel experiences with others, there is sure to be an app that will do it. With technology constantly evolving, here are 5 new or updated travel apps that you shouldn’t miss out on in 2015!
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Best Mobile Apps for Planning Vacations

iphoneThere are so many amazing travel apps out there that have been designed to help travelers with things such as staying up to date on flight status, boarding a flight without a printed ticket, and finding restaurants and shops in a foreign location. While all of these apps can be super helpful while traveling, what about help planning your next trip? Do you know where you want to visit but need help with what to do and where to stay? Do you have vacation time and need inspiration on where to go? Travel planning can be overwhelming and stressful – here a some of the best new travel apps designed to help you plan the best vacation possible!
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Free vs. Paid Wi-Fi While Traveling

In this day and age, one of the most popular and important details travelers now look for in a hotel, is wireless internet access. Wireless internet is now ranked among the top amenities that travelers look for right along with having a clean and spacious room.

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Top Smartphone Camera Apps for Travel

A camera used to be one of the top things every traveler put on their packing list, but now a days more and more people are leaving their cameras at home and solely relying on their smartphone to capture images of their journeys along the way. Camera phones  are constantly improving, almost on a monthly basis. They can capture clear images, be personalized easily, and shared with other with the press of a button. Next time you are a planning a trip, make sure to check out and download some of these top photo apps that will be sure to wow you with pictures to share with your friends and family!
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How Social Media is Changing Travel

In this day and age, technology plays a bigger role in travel than it ever has. With social media and mobile apps as prevalent as they are, the way we travel will never be the same. Not only can we plan trips in a new way, but we now have different ways to enhance and enjoy our trips while we are gone. We can book flights, research reviews and destinations, pick out hotels, and even find food and entertainment options for anywhere around the world. All the information you need is now immediately available at your fingertips.
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Airport Holograms for Customer Service

At some of New York and New Jersey’s leading airports, including LaGuardia, Newark, and John F. Kennedy, one of the newest and most  innovative improvements of customer service has been presented – a customer service rep hologram. This hologram, Ava, has been introduced to help greet and guide customers during their travel experiences. The Port Authority invested in three holograms to place in the airports and will be testing them out over a six month trial period beginning in July to see how helpful they actually are and to observe how customers feel about them. While these holograms have been utilized already in many countries across the world, this is the first time they are being introduced in the United States.
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