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Emergency Assistance While Traveling

While you don’t plan on losing your wallet while on your vacation or becoming severely ill, let’s face it, emergencies occur all the time. Have no fear; there is someone there to help.
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Tips for Traveling to a Hurricane Region

With Hurricane Season in full swing, experts are predicting to see a near-normal hurricane season in both the Atlantic Basin, including the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific this year. If you plan on traveling to storm-prone regions you should carefully consider the potential dangers and inconveniences associated with your trip prior to finalizing plans. It is important to always be prepared, and take into consideration the following tips to ensure your safety this season!
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Airport Holograms for Customer Service

At some of New York and New Jersey’s leading airports, including LaGuardia, Newark, and John F. Kennedy, one of the newest and most  innovative improvements of customer service has been presented – a customer service rep hologram. This hologram, Ava, has been introduced to help greet and guide customers during their travel experiences. The Port Authority invested in three holograms to place in the airports and will be testing them out over a six month trial period beginning in July to see how helpful they actually are and to observe how customers feel about them. While these holograms have been utilized already in many countries across the world, this is the first time they are being introduced in the United States.
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Travel Insured at The Connecticut Business Expo

Travel Insured International is pleased to announce that we will be visiting the Connecticut Business Expo on June 7, 2012, in order to share information about the great programs we have to offer, as well as make connections with other companies and individuals. The Connecticut Business Expo is one of the largest business trade shows that offer free educational seminars which are hosted by elite speakers and trainers from all types of industries. Seminars will be available dealing with sales, marketing, technology, and management.  The CT Business Expo is an amazing way to network with business professionals from all over, from a number of different corporations.
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National Park Week and Earth Day 2012

It’s almost time to celebrate National Park Week and Earth Day! National Park Week is a time which is dedicated towards the beauty and preservation of the National Parks during the week of Saturday, April 21st, through Sunday, April 29th. Earth Day goes hand in hand with National Park Week and is celebrated on April 22nd. During this celebration, entrance is free into the parks, as well as the transportation entrance fees, and the commercial tour fees. Other fees including camping fees, reservation fees and concession fees will still apply. Businesses within the park are often known to create special discounts in order to promote the celebration of the parks, so staying within your vacation budget should not be a problem.
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Tornadoes Strike Dallas/Fort Worth Area

On April 3, 2012, it was reported that an estimated ten to 12 tornadoes touched land during a storm causing wide spread damage. Both Arlington and Lancaster, Texas declared disaster zones after the tornadoes hit. Tractor trailers were flipped, roofs were ripped off, and over 300 buildings were severely damaged.
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