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Travel may not necessarily be earth-friendly, but there are small ways you can try to reduce your footprint. With the celebration of Earth day, April 22, Travel Insured came up with some tips to help you make eco-friendly choices on future trips.

Choose direct flights.
Takeoff and landing release the most carbon emissions so a nonstop flight means you’ll only contribute to that once per way.

Pack a reusable water bottle.
According to Travelers Against Plastic, 2.7 million tons of water bottle plastic are used every year around the world. You won’t have to buy bottled beverages if you fill up your own bottle at water fountains. This can also help you avoid getting a beverage in a plastic cup on your flights.

Book an eco-friendly hotel.
Many hotels make an effort to be eco-friendly. For example, some hotels ask guests to reuse their towels during their stay to save the water and energy of daily washing.

Conserve resources.
A lot of people will leave lights on, take long showers, or blast the heat/air conditioning at hotels because they’re not paying the bills, but that’s not a conservative way to travel. Treat resources the same as you would at home.

Use a fuel-efficient car.
If you rent a car, request a hybrid or compact car to consume less fuel. If you’re driving your own car make sure to get it checked out by a professional before traveling. A car that’s not running at its best may use more fuel or release more emissions. Also, any time you can walk instead of drive, that’s best for the environment.

Avoid purchasing travel size toiletries.
Instead, buy reusable travel sized bottles and fill them up each time you travel. Producing plastic containers is harmful to the environment so the more you buy, the more you contribute to the issue.

Be conscious of your souvenir purchases.
When buying souvenirs, purchase local, handmade products to support local communities and small businesses. Many souvenirs are mass produced in another country and then shipped to the destination. Locally made souvenirs are a much better memory!

Eat local foods.
Eating local helps your environmental impact. The less distance food has to be transported, the more earth friendly your meals will be. Plus, eating local foods will provide you with a more authentic experience.

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