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In a changing world of travel, there are bound to be safety concerns. It’s understandable that people may be afraid of traveling more than they were before due to several recent events. Travel is still generally very safe, so hopefully such tragedies haven’t deterred you from traveling altogether. Here are some ways to help you feel safer when traveling.

Enroll in the STEP program.

The Smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP) program allows the U.S. Embassy to know where you’re located in case of an emergency situation.

Check for travel warnings.

The warnings and alerts on are a great resource to see if your destination is mentioned as currently dangerous.

Give a copy of your itinerary to someone at home.

In case something were to happen, a loved one back home will be able to check your itinerary to see where you are supposed to be that day. If cell service is down, this may be their only way of knowing if you may be safe or not until they can contact you.

Get to the airport early.

Allow for more time at security points because TSA is likely to be more thorough when the world is on high alert. In general, leave time for any delays at airports and train stations.

Have copies of your important documents.

Always make a copy of your ID or Passport so you have a backup in case the original gets lost or stolen. You want to have proper identification in case of an emergency.

Avoid looking like a tourist.

Anytime you travel, you should try to avoid looking like a tourist. Dress like a local, know a bit of the local language, and avoid wearing patriotic colors.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Even on a relaxing vacation, you shouldn’t let your guard down completely. If you ever see anything suspicious, you should speak up to authorities.

Check social media.

If an event occurs at your destination, checking social media can help you get a better understanding of what it’s really like. This could help before you depart and if you’re already there.

Consider travel protection.

A travel protection plan can play an important role during your trip in times of uncertainty. Travelers can get a protection plan in case they need to cancel their trip or need help in a bad situation away from home. Get a quote and learn more at

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