How many apps do you have on your phone? Probably too many to count in under 30 seconds. That’s because there’s an app for almost everything we need to do in our daily lives. We have apps for grocery shopping, recipes, gas rewards, banking, even for sleeping and waking us up! While traveling, especially in unknown places, apps can help us a lot. Whether we need to find our way around, pick a restaurant, get a ride, or book an excursion, apps will help us do it. Here are 11 of our favorite apps to use while traveling!

Hopper (FREE)

Hopper is gaining popularity in the app store, and even on social media. The app asks for your desired travel dates and destination, then searches the web and suggests the cheapest options for you to travel and stay there. It also watches prospective trips for you, noticing price fluctuations so that it can alert you when prices are dropping or rising. It even notifies you when prices are expected to be going up or down so that it can recommend the best time for you to purchase your travel plans. The best part? You can purchase everything right in the app.

Packpoint (FREE)

One of the hardest things about going on a trip is actually packing for it. Here you’re able to create a packing list. The system will even give you suggestions based on the length of your trip, the expected weather at your destination, and activities you have planned during your time away. It virtually takes the stress out of the whole process.

Grab: Order Airport Food (FREE)

Being at the airport can be both exciting and exhausting. We know on the other end of the day we’ll be happily relaxing, but never-ending lines of waiting just to be put in another line are enough to drive anyone bonkers. ‘Grab’ eliminates one of these lines for you. This app can tell you which food vendors are located in the airport, and terminal, that you’re traveling through. Once you decide what you’re in the mood to eat, you can order your meal to be ready for pick up and pay securely right on the app. It also gives you directions to the food vendor you’ve selected!

Travel Tipping with Piper (FREE W/ in apps purchases)

Customs and traditions around the world vary by place. Americans are taught from a young age to tip whenever a service has been rendered, and especially when the person serving you has done an exceptional job. The same isn’t true for all places abroad, in fact, in some places it’s considered rude. This app is a quick guide to all things tipping for restaurants, taxis and much more!

Gas Buddy (FREE)

Road trips are a great way to vacation. You can carry as much or as little as your car/mobile home can fit, and it gives more time to converse and bond over the actual experience of travel with those you embark with. The most important part? GAS! This app is a great way to find the location of gas stations near you or on your route. One of the best features of the app is that is can sort your gas stations by price or brand, as well as including desired amenities like restaurants and restrooms.

Headout (FREE)

Not sure what to do in the city that you’ve just arrived in? On a business trip that you extended for a day or two? This app is great to help you find activities and events near you. This app covers places such as New York, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi and many more. Jump on to see how to create your next travel memory!

Citymapper (FREE)

This app is great if you’re trying to navigate your way through city settings. As a transport and direction app, this program combines multiple transit types such as bus, subway, and more. By merging them into one route, you are provided with the easiest and fastest ways to your destination.  It also gives you real time updates on departure times and is capable of sending you alerts.

Voicemaps Audio Tours (FREE W/ in app purchases)

Have you ever wanted to take a tour but hated the rigid guidelines they hold you to? This app invites you to take a tour of the city you’re visiting on your own terms, and at your own pace. Whether you are walking, biking, or driving, Voicemaps uses GPS location to provide you with audio tours based on where you are. A range of professional writters contribute to the database of tours for over 150 cities worldwide. Although the app is free, you can download certain country audio tours and listen offline.

EatWith – Food Experiences (FREE)

Many of us travel not only to see new places but to taste what these places have to offer. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to tourist trap dining experiences with unauthentic versions of the food. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to dine at local places where the locals eat. ‘EatWith – Food Experiences’ bumps this up a level by giving you the option to reserve a dining experience with a local cook/chef. The app offers meal parties as well as food tours and cooking classes with locals. There’s no better way to connect over a passion for food. You can even register to be the host of one of these great experiences. Think Airbnb but with food!

Flush Toilet Finder (FREE)

One of the most important things that we take for granted is using a toilet. This app helps you locate toilets near your location with directions to it, as well as labeling the fees and whether or not it is handicapped accessible. The apps lists over 190,000 toilets around the world with the opportunity for app users to add new toilets not on the app to the database for future travelers. Never hold it again!

Travel Insured App (FREE)

When traveling, it is important to protect your travel plans. The best way to do this is by purchasing travel protection. This app makes buying and managing your travel protection plan a cinch! You can purchase a plan and file a claim, as well as access important knowledge such as emergency contact information and trip advice about your destination. Download the app today!


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