What’s better than getting a group of your girlfriends together for a great time? All-female trips are a growing trend that is happening around the world. Women of all ages and backgrounds are taking unique and unforgettable vacations together. They’re doing it because they want to forge new friendships and experience camaraderie. They want to celebrate milestones or simply get away from the every day. Whether it be a group of siblings, friends, or co-workers, women are carving out their own adventures. Here are a couple tips to make your next girl’s trip fabulous.

Choose a Destination You’ve Never Tried Before

Imagine that you and your girlfriends are walking on the plush floor of a rainforest in Belize. In your imaginings, maybe you are all watching elephants and zebras gracefully roam about in Tanzania. How about everyone going on a Galentine’s Day trip to the Italian Rivera? There are many destinations outside of the norm, where you can enjoy an unforgettable girl’s trip. Here a few questions that may help you choose a destination:

  • Whose going on the trip? Are they friends, family, or co-workers?
  • Are you celebrating a milestone, a holiday, an achievement, etc.?
  • Would you like a theme for the trip?

Answering one or all of those questions may help you decide on a fantastic location. Whatever your destination, make the trip unreal by choosing a place that your travel companions may recount with fond memories. To do that, suggest places they have never been to before. Consider where your travel companions are comfortable going. Have any of your girlfriends pined for authentic Greek, Thai, or Italian food? Maybe you can suggest you all go to the sources of those culinary delights. How about a theme for your trip? Would you like to make your trip about architecture, history, or fashion? If any of those suggestions interest you, how about choosing Barcelona, Rome, or Paris respectively? There are tons of ways to go about choosing a great destination. Whatever direction you choose to go, try to make the destination new to everyone!

Opt for Adventurous Experiences

Of course, some of your companions may ask for the usual trip staples. They may want to lay on a beach with powdery sand. Maybe they’ll ask for a location with an unbelievable spa. If they’re set on those kinds of trips, you can suggest Anguilla, where the beaches and resorts have a secluded feel. However, if your girlfriends want to live a little on the wild side, here are experiences and places they may want to try:

  • Watching the northern lights in Iceland
  • Experiencing the frozen-in-time culture of Cuba
  • Whale watching and glamping in Baha
  • Riding camels in the Sahara of Morocco
  • Experiencing nature in the Galapagos Islands

These are just a few destinations that may blow their minds. If you want to build lasting memories, be adventurous! Your daughter will be the envy of her friends. Your co-workers will never stop talking about it over lunch. Your girlfriends will be inspired to bring a bit of the culture home to keep with them always. They’ll all have you to thank. Don’t choose a predictable sort of trip that may be a repeat for everyone. Let your imagination fly and create a trip bucket list for you and your girlfriends.


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