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Another new year has begun, bringing along some new travel trends. 2016’s trends were great for travelers, with more Wi-Fi availability and a strong U.S. Dollar. In 2017 travel could be changing but there are still many great trends that travelers can look forward to.

  • Cheaper airfare. Low-cost airlines are forcing the traditional airlines to change their ways. Delta has already been offering “basic economy” fares that make flights more affordable, but passengers cannot choose their seat. Instead, they’re given a seat assignment the day of travel. This year, United and American are going to start offering the same thing. As of now, Delta still allows carry-on items for basic economy passengers, but United will not. It will become even more important this year to read the fine print before you purchase so you know what to expect.
  • Travel agents. Travelers are starting to feel overwhelmed by all the booking options and fluctuating prices on the internet. With a travel agent, the booking process is much easier, which is why travel agents are likely to be on the rise again in 2017.
  • Concern for the environment. Because of climate change, travelers want to experience parts of the world that may be altered forever, like the Arctic. Even though the experience would be great, mass tourism to these areas could be harmful. On the bright side, we’re likely to see more sustainability when we travel, such as eco-friendly toiletries in hotels and greener amenities in airports.
  • Traveling without baggage. Travelers have been packing lighter ever since fees for baggage have become the norm. Because of this, travelers may stop bringing baggage altogether. How is this possible? One company, Unpack, allows you to rent luggage and its contents. You’d be able to hop on a flight without any baggage and simply receive a bag at your accommodations. This trend may not become popularized this year, but it could start with young adults, business travelers, and those who are fed up with baggage limitations.
  • Cuba. Travel to Cuba became popular in 2016 but it will become an even more attractive and accessible option this year. We should see more airlines flying into the country from the U.S., and rules for Americans may loosen down the road.
  • Sharing economy. The sharing economy has been trendy for quite some time now. This year, services like Airbnb will continue to grow, and we may see more Uber-style services coming into the market.

From all of us at Travel Insured, we wish you a Happy New Year and we hope you’ll choose us to help protect your travel plans in 2017!

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