2019 is upon us and that means a whole new year of travel trends. 2019 also means a whole new set of travel predictions, so let’s get forecasting:

  • Getting Off the Grid

Getting off the grid is now more achievable than ever before. Picture that safari or private island getaway you’ve always dreamed of going on. Destinations that, a few years back, seemed absolutely foreign and impossible to visit are 2019’s top itineraries. 2019 is the year to cross off bucket list destinations!

  • Solo Travel is Trending

Not long ago, solo leisure travel was a foreign concept. But now, one in every four Americans plan to travel alone for leisure this year. What’s the main reason for traveling solo? 61 percent travel alone to unwind and disconnect.

  • Cruise Lines Target Millennials

Millennials primarily started the trend of non-conventional experience, which has posed a challenge for major cruise lines. Many cruise lines’ New Year’s resolutions are to convert more Millennials to cruise-goers by creating personalized experiences. The first step several cruise lines are taking is to create all-inclusive restaurant packages, steering away from standardized all-you-can-eat buffets.

  • Feeding off Foodie Tours

Speaking of menu tweaks in the cruise industry, foodie experiences are becoming exceedingly more popular in 2019. From artisan chocolate tastings to craft beer tours, to fresh mozzarella making classes, 2019 is hungry for specialty culinary adventures.

  • Middle Ground between Economy and Business Class

Some airlines are introducing a premium economy class that offers an upgraded experience often including more legroom, wider seats, additional seat recline inches, personal entertainment screens, and larger food selections.

  • Boutique Travel Agents Boom

Many travel agents are honing down their expertise, offering specialized services that cater to a niche audience. The 2019 consumer is looking to find an expert that’s trained exclusively in the type of trip they’re looking to plan – whether it be for romance, business, family, or solo adventure.

  • Micro Travel is a Big Thing

More than half of all travelers (53 percent) plan to take more weekend trips this year than last. A trend coined “bite-sized travel” focuses on spur-of-the-moment travel just a few days at a time.

  • The Caribbean on a ComeBack

Although Caribbean travel slowed after Hurricane Irma and Maria, the islands are recovering quickly and are forecasted to be top destinations in 2019. Also, the number of nonstop flights from the US to the Caribbean increased by 18 percent from 2013 to 2019.

  • Travel Protection Peaks

Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of travel protection, especially as regulations become stricter to have health insurance when traveling abroad. Unfortunately, about 47 percent of travelers don’t know whether their health insurance provides coverage while traveling, especially abroad. With more and more countries requiring visitors to provide proof of health coverage, travelers are purchasing travel protection plans more than ever in 2019.

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