This beautiful country has plenty of great places to explore. Why not forgo a trip that involves a plane and take a road trip? There are amazing attractions like museums, theme parks, and cities just waiting for you to visit. While you plan, there are some key essentials to keep in mind. They can help make your trip safe, exciting, and unforgettable.

Picking a Cool Destination (and Stops Along the Way)

Whether your road trip will be long or short, picking the right destination is key. If you want to be adventurous, pick a place you have never been before. You could pick a national park, like the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore. Maybe you’d like to see the great monuments in Washington, D.C. Your destination could even be a family member’s home. Wherever you would like to go, part of the fun is getting there. The stops you make along the way can be just as enjoyable as your destination. Pick stops where you can find museums and quirky roadside attractions, like Monkey Island in Homosassa, Florida. The attraction is like a mini monkey Alcatraz, where spider monkeys have the run of the place. You can watch them scurry about and climb trees as you enjoy food and drinks at the Homosassa Resort. If you’re traveling through Niles, Illinois, you might want to stop by the Leaning Tower of Niles. This cool structure is a mini version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can have just as much fun pretending to push this tower as you would the Italian version. There’s Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky. It has one of the country’s best collections of life-sized T-rexes, raptors, and hundreds of other lizards. In Moab, Utah you will find a huge rock with the words “HOLE N” THE ROCK” painted across the face in blazing white paint. It’s there so you can literally stare at a massive hole in the rock. Part of the attraction is an art collection and a petting zoo with camels and zebras. On the west coast, you could stop by the Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon. Part amusement park and part fantasy land, this attraction includes a castle, and a forest containing rides, handmade fairytale characters, and miniature villages. You can find tons of interesting places to visit on the road.

If you’re planning to have a very long trip on the road, you might consider adding hotels or motels to your journey. You could research what accommodations will be on your route and plan accordingly. Taking scenic routes could break up the trip nicely as well. For example, The Blue Ridge Parkway is 500 miles of twisting road along the Great Smokey Mountains of Virginia and the Carolinas. Adding beautiful vistas to your trip could be a relaxing alternative to staring at unending roads.

Preparing Your Car

Of course, you can’t have a road trip without a working car! Your vehicle may get you from point A to point B locally, but how will it act on an extended journey? You want to make sure your car is in top condition to handle a long ride. Whether you have a new or older car, it’s always a good idea to have it checked by a mechanic before your road trip. Have your mechanic check the oil, engine, tires, transmission, steering, and brakes. Make sure your car has an emergency kit that includes a wheel wrench, tripod jack, jumper cables, flashlight, extra batteries and reflective triangles. It is also a good idea to have a first aid kit in the car as well. You never know how long of a stretch it will be between stops, so have non-perishable snacks and drinking water to hold you over. Don’t forget to bring little comforts to make your car ride more comfortable. You can bring blankets, neck pillows, and comfy slippers. If kids will be riding along, consider bringing their favorite stuffed animals or tablets with video games.

Picking Your Car Companions Well

You could plan a solo trip or one that includes friends and family. A car ride with an affable companion is always pleasant. You might want to bring a good conversationalist along to stave off boredom. Someone with a sense of humor is a very good choice too. Consider bringing a good driver along so you can take turns driving. Picking someone who would be willing to divert from the itinerary is an option as well. You may want to adjust your plans along the way. Don’t forget to ask the person you choose for ideas on where to go and stop along the way. Having good company can only enhance your enjoyment of the trip.


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