Traveling in a small group has its advantages. There are opportunities to spend quality time with friends and try new things. It’s easy to avoid group travel in general because of the “too many chefs in the kitchen” issue. Several people trying to figure out what to do on a trip may be a little challenging. However, there are ways to enjoy traveling in a small group that won’t involve figuring out who handles the check! Take a look at the list we compiled about the perks of traveling in a small group.

Great Group Discounts from Travel Vendors

These days, travel vendors are seeking out as much business as they can get. That’s good news for small groups of people traveling together. Travel vendors may be willing to offer deep discounts to encourage people to travel again. When vendors experience less foot traffic, they may lower their prices to lure travelers and increase business. Groups may get even deeper discounts because they involve multiple people all at once.  Take advantage of this and get a group of friends or cohorts together for a great trip! To increase the likelihood of getting good prices, try to negotiate with vendors. They may recommend you travel during certain dates to get good discounts. Planning a small group trip increases the likelihood of finding dates that work for everyone. Also, do your research and shop around. Vendors are doing the same. They check out their competition to see if their prices are competitive. Take advantage of that and shop for the best deals. Download apps like Hopper, Expedia, and Trip Advisor on your cell phone. You may discover new opportunities to save with a small group. Travel advisors can also help you find great group deals. There are many more ways to benefit from vendors who really want your business. Think ahead and plan your next group adventure with that in mind.

Splitting the Costs Mean More Fun for Everyone

Have you ever looked at the cost of a trip and wondered, “How can I afford this?” That is a question many people ask themselves with no solution in sight. Some people are fortunate enough to travel without breaking the bank. However, there are those whose splurges and expensive excursions cause headaches when they get the bills. Small groups have a better chance of bypassing all of that. Cost sharing in a group may keep the cost of a trip manageable. Think of all the great destinations you could not afford to visit on your own. You may be able to take that dream vacation you’ve been wanting in a small group. You’ll have less people to convince to join you! Expenses like transportation, food, and hotel rooms add up. Think of all you can save if you split the costs with four or more people. An expensive dinner can just be a blip in your budget. A luxury hotel may turn out to be cheaper than a 3-star hotel. The possibilities to save are great and you can look into how you can save even more. That’s not hard to do. First, determine how many people you want in your group. Traveling with four to six people means you may pick destinations and activities without much indecision. Next, decide on how much everyone is willing to spend. That will determine where you go and what activities you will do. Once everyone agrees, start booking the trip with everyone in mind. The less people you have to accommodate, the easier it will be to book the trip. Don’t book a flight that will break up the group. Ask everyone to pitch in so that you can afford to fly on the same flight. Smaller groups have a better chance of taking the same flight than larger groups. Pick a hotel that leaves room in the budget for awesome experiences. Excursions can be expensive. Splitting the cost of zip lining, horse-back riding, and hang gliding can be a breeze in a small group.

Having an Unforgettable Time with Friends

Traveling alone can get a little lonely. Inviting your friends can make things more enjoyable! A small group of people can congregate much better than a larger one. Everyone has a chance to really enjoy each other’s company. That may be harder to do within a big one. People are more likely to go off and do their own things, while smaller groups tend to stick together. It’s easier to get a table at a restaurant with a small group. Additionally, everyone can take part in the same conversation. Multiple conversations can happen in a large group, which may make it harder to connect with people.


As you can see, small group trips have their perks. From lower costs to having an amazing time with a group of friends, who wouldn’t want to try it out? Don’t forget to consider getting travel protection for your next trip. It may secure everyone’s wallets from unexpected mishaps that can be true downers during the vacation. Check out our plans at and enjoy your next group adventure!

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