Planning a trip is exciting for many reasons. As you book your trip, you can envision yourself at your destination. Excursions and attractions can be part of your itinerary. There might even be some shopping involved in preparation for your vacation. There are a few things to keep in mind when making future travel plans that you don’t want to miss. Here are some tips to help you along.

Make a Travel Fund

Picking a destination is only part of the planning process. Consider creating a travel fund as well. Start putting some money aside every week for at least three to six months before your trip. You may want to start a year in advance. It’s up to you and how extravagant your trip may turn out. You will be amazed at how fast your fund can grow. By the time you’re ready to cement your plans, you may save enough to enjoy all the things you would like to do on your trip!

Find Out What is Refundable

You may change your mind about your plans. Your circumstances may change, forcing you to reschedule. Whatever the situation, prepare for the unexpected. Find out what portions of your trip will be refundable and non-refundable. That may determine where you book and what you plan to do on your trip. Some hotels offer refunds up to 48 hours before check-in while others do not offer refunds. Make sure you know before you book.

Purchase Travel Protection

Travel protection from Travel Insured is a great way to help secure your trip. Many people don’t realize the benefits of buying a protection plan. Travel delays, trip interruptions, and lost baggage can be a nuisance. Buying protection can help safeguard you from those mishaps and more. Plans also include trip cancellation, Cancel for Any Reason, and medical protection. Anything can happen while you travel. Why not get reimbursed for the nonrefundable portions of your trip if the unexpected occurs? Your trip is an investment of time and money. Protect it today by checking out our travel protection plans at


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