Climate change is a hot topic these days. It affects many aspects of our lives from the air we breathe to the way we shop. Now, it’s becoming a topic of travel. There are ways to travel while being conscious of your carbon footprint. Here are four tips for an eco-friendly vacation.

Travel by Ground Transportation

The carbon footprint of ground transportation is far less than air travel1. Whenever possible, opt to travel by car, train, or bus. This may mean choosing more “local” travel destinations. Think of the satisfaction you will get from discovering travel delights in your own country or a neighboring one. You may even find better deals by traveling to places easily accessible by ground transportation. Remember, not all great vacations require a flight.

If You Have to Fly, Make it Count

If flying must be a part of your plans, adjust your travel habits. You may choose to fly less during the year, opting for one big trip as opposed to several smaller ones. Direct flights are also eco-friendlier. A flight with stops means more takeoffs and landings along the way, which account for a large portion of airline emissions2 and are bad for the environment. You can also research your airline to see if it operates fuel-efficient planes. In 2018, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) ranked Norwegian the most fuel-efficient transatlantic carrier3. That same year, ICCT named British Airways the least fuel-efficient.

Shop in Local Markets

When you reach your destination, choose to shop the local markets. Most local markets offer goods that don’t have to be transported from long distances to reach customers. That helps reduce your carbon footprint. You can also enjoy local restaurants, arts and crafts stores, and farmers markets. Making a big contribution to the local community and economy is a great way to do your part.

Reduce the Use of Single-Use Plastics

It’s easy to grab the plastic water bottle off the shelf at the airport. You may also be used to the mini toiletry bottles in hotel bathrooms. Well, a great way to become environmentally conscious is by reducing or eliminating your use of them. Try traveling with a tin water bottle that you can refill. As for toiletries, travel with your own from home. You can buy refillable bottles that you can fill with toiletry liquids like shampoo, conditioner, and mouthwash. When you return home, just rinse them out and they’ll be ready for your next trip.


Making good choices when it comes to travel and the environment takes practice and a bit of research. However, you will not regret the effort. Also, be sure to look into protecting your next your trip. A travel protection plan with Travel Insured offers benefits like trip cancellation, travel delay, and medical protection. You can easily view our plans and get a quote at


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