Is Flying First Class Worth It

Flying First Class certainly means opening up your wallet big time. Whether it’s an extra hundred dollars or an extra few thousand dollars, First Class travel is not cheap. Most people already cringe at the bill associated with a flight. So when is it actually worth the extra dollar-dropping to invest in a premium ticket to your destination?

Let’s walk through a typical First Class trip. Mind you, not every First Class ticket is created equal!

1. Board & De-Board like Royalty:

After you’ve had a chance to unwind at a First Class lounge, you mosey over to the gate. The Economy Class feeling of being herded like cattle into an aircraft isn’t exactly a prime way to start your trip. Get ahead of the pack by having First Class privilege to board your flight. And when you land and there’s nothing more exciting than getting off the plane, be the first to step foot onto the land of your destination! Feel First “Class-y” when you get to de-board before everyone else.

2. Spacious, Semi-Private Seats:

No need to walk to the back of the plane! Find your seat right in the front, each seat often separated with privacy dividers, cubbies for your personal belongings, and ample legroom. The seats are typically wider and sometimes recline to a full-bed.

3. Exclusive Toiletries Kit, Pillows, and Blankets:

Don’t recline that seat just yet! Check out your very own premium pamper kit, often equipped with lotion, lip balm, an eye mask, earplugs, and more. Cozy up with a fluffy pillow and blanket in case cabin temperature doesn’t suit your fancy.

4. Superior Entertainment & Service:

Hours and hours of preselected shows and movies you hate on a tiny screen can be a real drag. First Class passengers often enjoy a wider seatback screen with an array of complimentary TV shows, movies, music, and games. Meanwhile, flight attendants might offer you beverages, pre-meal snacks, and moist hand towels.

5. More Food & Drink (the Most Important Part):

Almost no one enjoys the funky flavors and aromas of the questionable cuisine on flights. When the airport hamburger has worn off and your tummy is impatiently waiting for its next meal, the “chicken, beef, or veggie surprise” options in Coach can be a quick appetite crusher. In First Class, even though the food and drink might not be Michelin Star status, you’ll enjoy much greater options with a lot more favorable flavor.

While you shouldn’t expect every First Class experience to be the same – and not every First Class experience comes equipped with bells and whistles like personal rooms, bathrooms, and butlers – there is no question that First Class flying comes with some major perks.

The price tag, however, might have you thinking that priority boarding and pillows aren’t worth the big bucks. Whatever your decision, don’t forget to protect your trip with travel insurance from the company you can always trust,!

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