5 Myths about Travel Agents

myths about travel agents

With so many changes happening to the travel industry, it can be challenging for travel agents. The internet might be the biggest hurdle to get customers to choose a travel agent over self-booking. We found this and some other popular myths about travel agents and explain why they’re not true.

Myth 1: It’s easier to book travel plans online.

Even though the internet makes it really easy to book a trip, a travel agent has more experience and resources than you would find on your own. In fact, using a travel agent is usually easier than self-booking because you don’t have to stress about researching every detail.

Myth 2: The internet always provides the best deals.

Fact: You can get good deals online, but your travel agent has exclusive deals you can’t find elsewhere. Additionally, you don’t have to waste your time tracking prices on a daily basis. Travel agents can do that work for you!

Myth 3: Travel agents are too expensive.

Any fees associated with using a travel agent are pretty low. It may even be discounted or waived once you book, depending on the agency. Keep in mind that booking online usually has a built in booking fee anyway. (Check out a past receipt and you’re sure to see a booking fee listed!)

Myth 4: Travelers don’t need a professional to give them advice.

You may be able to have a smooth trip without any help, but a travel agent can save you from making simple mistakes. They know tricks like which transportation is the easiest to use or where you should go for the best views.

Myth 5: If something goes wrong on the trip, you don’t need any assistance.

You’re probably capable of handling mishaps on your own, but a travel agent can have your back in these scenarios. For example, if you have a flight cancellation and need to get on another flight, your travel agent can negotiate for you, giving you a better shot at fixing the issue faster. If you purchased travel protection, they can help start a claim on your behalf while you deal with the situation.

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  1. It is great to know that travel agents make planning a trip so much easier! You mention that an agent will save me from making simple transportation mistakes so that the trip will be smooth. Plus, they will know the best tourist spots and destinations we should visit on our trip.

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