Health, auto, homeowner, life – the list of essential insurance goes on and on. You probably don’t even think twice about purchasing one of these plans, since they protect against everyday disasters.

Travel insurance, on the other hand, may be viewed as optional. Why? We all want to believe that once you turn vacation-mode on, setbacks and disasters disappear; yet this mentality is simply (and unfortunately) untrue!

Just because your email is set to autoreply and you’re wearing your favorite pink palm tree polo doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

While we all hopefully will never have to use travel insurance for life-threatening circumstances like transportation and treatment at a US-approved hospital, there’s many more reasons to pick a travel protection plan before your next journey.

Here’s 5 Practical Reasons to Purchase a Travel Protection Plan from Travel Insured to keep the vaca-vibes flowing:

1) Trip Interruption:

Your palm-tree swaying vacation is cut short and you need to get back home ASAP. All those unused vacation arrangements and added transportation costs can add up. You’ve got coverage that can help! Specific coverage is detailed in plan options for easy reference.

2) Trip Delay:

It’s certainly not uncommon to experience delays, especially in the airport. That feeling of being stranded in the airport with imminent dollar signs adding up as you make arrangements to wait out the delay can truly be a vacation downer. Our plans can cover reasonable replacement hotel and meal costs when you’re delayed! Just check out coverage in the plans for more details.

3) Baggage Delay:

You’re watching other people’s bags go round and round the baggage claim carousel, but there’s no sign of yours. You find out your bags won’t be in your hands for hours and hours. All you want is fresh clothes and your personal belongings. We’ve all been there! Rest easy with a plan that can reimburse for necessary clothing and personal items when your bags are delayed. Find out all the details in your chosen plan document!

4) Baggage Lost, Stolen, or Damaged:

Or even worse: your baggage is lost, stolen, or damaged. Gone permanently: forever and always! Now what do you do? Before you feel like screaming or bawling, our plans can help save the day (or shall we say, vaca?)! Check out plan details to get the inside scoop into coverage options.

5) Noninsurance Assistance Benefits (provided by OnCall International):

Plans cover an array of noninsurance assistance services that help ensure your trip is as bump-free as possible. From ID/credit recovery assistance to concierge service to prescription drug and eyeglass replacement – our plans help you plan for the worst and hope for the best.


Visit our website, to find the plan that matches all the reasons that travel insurance is another essential part of planning for life’s highest highs and lowest lows.

Note: Travel Protection Plans from Travel Insured contains Travel Insurance underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.  Insurance benefits are subject to exclusions and limitations, including an exclusion for pre-existing conditions.

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