One of the greatest things that a student can do is travel. This type of travel can be a short vacation with a group of peers, a volunteer program, or a study abroad program. In each case, young adults have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture other than their own. This is invaluable for students and it expands their ways of learning by being able to experience cultures and traditions around the world. But, with the exciting adventures that lie ahead, it is also important to recognize the risks that can arise from this expedition.

There are several risks that could come along with students traveling. Whatever the risk, it is important to purchase travel insurance to be proactive in case something does happen to go wrong. Here is a list of 5 reasons you or your student shouldn’t overlook travel coverage.

Less money saved than an adult traveler

Since students may not have a job, or only work part-time, money might not be as readily available to them as it would be to an adult traveler. If a medical emergency happens while a student is away, they may not have enough money saved to cover the initial cost of treatment. Students may even opt out of receiving medical treatment because they know they don’t have the resources to pay for it. A travel protection plan may prove to be less expensive than incurring medical expenses while traveling abroad uninsured.

Risk of trip cancellation may be higher

Students’ lives are busy and unpredictable. This has the potential to create a higher risk of a cancelled trip. Whether the student decides he or she no longer wants to go, school revokes the opportunity to study abroad, or any other circumstance, you or your student want to be covered. Purchasing a travel protection plan that includes ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ coverage can help ensure that a student traveler doesn’t lose all the money they invested in making these travel plans, with reimbursement up to 75% of their non-refundable trip cost.

Evacuation may be necessary

When students study abroad in foreign countries the risk for potential evacuation increases. If a student needs to be evacuated for safety, the government may not cover the cost it takes to return home, which could leave the bill in the hands of the student or their family. A travel protection plan can include coverage for evacuations.  Plans may also include security evacuation arrangement as a non-insurance assistance service, which can help you or your student make arrangements to get home safely.

Young travelers may have pre-existing conditions

Most people might assume that only older travelers are the ones that have pre-existing conditions, but this may not necessarily be true. Young travelers may also have pre-existing conditions that they should consider when they travel. Additionally, students may have family members traveling with them who have pre-existing conditions. Many insurance policies exclude losses caused by a traveler’s pre-existing medical conditions.  However, certain travel protection plans, including Travel Insured’s Worldwide Trip Protector, Worldwide Trip Protector Plus, Student Basic and Student Deluxe plans, include a waiver for the pre-existing condition exclusion.  In such plans, losses resulting from a pre-existing condition would not be excluded if the student qualifies for the waiver.

Accidents may occur

When students go away and explore the world it is almost inevitable that they will be trying new things that they have never done before. Although this allows them to expand their horizons, it may also include more of a risk for accidents to occur. It is important to protect all student travelers whether they are sightseeing, trying a new sport, or eating a strange new food.


Keep your student travel plans safe and remember to talk to your travel advisor or visit to help protect your trips this year!


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