Sometimes, you want to just take time for yourself. No, I’m not talking about curling up with a good book in front of the fire with the tap-tap-tap of raindrops on your windowsill to keep you company. I’m talking about taking an awesome vacation alone. It’s not common, but so very doable. It’ll take some courage, an open mind, and some great tips to make the idea a glorious reality. Here are 6 tips to make your trip a great and memorable one.

Do  Research Ahead of Time

Taking the initiative to research your destination ahead of your trip can give you a heads-up about the best places to stay, great things to do in the area, and local restaurants. Getting the ins and outs of the locale will help you fill your days for maximum trip enjoyment and leave room for any impromptu plans. You can also discover ideas for destinations that are off the beaten path, giving you a truly unique experience. It’s also a good idea to know about transportation options, excursion prices, and schedules, as well as local medical facilities and pharmacies in case of an illness. Know before you go!

Do Something You Normally Wouldn’t Do with Others

Take this opportunity to try new things or experiences that wouldn’t normally fly with a group or your usual traveling companion. Spend the day at the museum or reading a great book at an out of the way café, absorbing the local feel. You could try new foods or spend as much time as you want shopping for the perfect souvenir, unhindered by a pre-set schedule. Take a slow stroll thru a lovely neighborhood and get acquainted with the locals. The beauty of it is, it’s all up to you!

Be Friendly, but Be Smart

While out on your vacation you’ll have opportunities to interact with all sorts of people, whether it be asking for directions or just chatting with the person behind you while waiting in line. Be smart and always keep in mind that you are just meeting this person for the first time and in an unfamiliar place. Only offer your first name while chatting and never reveal where you’re staying. You may get really friendly easily, but keep in mind there are con-artists preying on tourists, getting them comfortable enough to leave valuables unattended. Please don’t opt for the old, “Hey, can you watch my purse while I go to the bathroom?” It doesn’t matter if she looks like someone’s grandma. Keep your common sense and instincts sharp!

Stay Safe

You’ve heard the words “Safety First” since you were a kid, and that’s still true while you are out on your personal adventure. Your trip will be even more enjoyable if you keep certain things in mind and take some precautions for your own well-being. Going out at night? Consider taking a taxi instead of walking. You can ask the concierge or hotel clerk if the place you want to visit is safe. Think about leaving a note in your hotel room about where you’re going and when you expect to return. It’s also a great idea to leave a copy of your itinerary with family and friends. If you’re traveling internationally it might be a good idea to register with the local embassy.

Get Social 

On your wonderful solo trip, you may want more than the occasional passerby interaction to counteract time to yourself.  Consider staying at a place that encourages talking like a nice B&B where there are common rooms. Some even offer group breakfasts at a set time, encouraging conversation with your temporary neighbors in a casual setting on a regular. When visiting a restaurant, maybe sit at the bar next to someone instead of a private booth or table. You could come across someone interesting also looking for some social interaction with a story to tell. Maybe learn a few words in the local language. That could be an ice breaker in another country and your audience may appreciate it enough to try and communicate in your language.

Don’t Plan Your Trip Without Travel Protection

You may think that you don’t need travel protection when planning your trip. Think again! Travel protection is the ultimate safety net that could potentially protect your trip investment in all sorts of scenarios. Let’s say the airline loses your luggage or there’s a delay that forces you to miss your cruise connection. Travel Insured protection plans have benefits that may reimburse you for your losses. We also offer trip interruption and trip cancellation benefits, which can be very helpful in a bind. Heaven forbid you fall ill or have an accident on your international trip. A Travel Insured protection plan may offer emergency medical evacuation services, connect you with local doctors or hospitals, or even provide provisions to have a companion join you bedside at the hospital.

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