6 U.S. Destinations to Visit this Fall

Now that summer is coming to an end, reality is starting to hit like a brick wall. This reality check comes not only for kids going back to school full-time, but also for adults working all week with less vacation time. But fear not, the winter blues don’t have to set in too quickly or harshly.

Fall is the perfect time to do some traveling and exploring of places you may not have thought to check out before. The climate is, in many cases, much more bearable, with more comfortable temperatures and lower humidity levels.

We picked a few easy to travel to, budget-friendly spots in the beautiful USA that you won’t want to miss out on.

Grand Canyon, Arizona:

September-November is a great time to visit the great wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon. Temperatures range from mid-20s to mid-70s and the average precipitation is less than 2”. During this time of year many travel junkies recommend the south rim of the Canyon for hiking and beautiful views illuminated by gorgeous autumn light. Be sure to pack something on the warmer side for chilly nights!

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming:

Fall comes early in the park, ranging from the end of August to the middle of October. If you missed out on summer travel this may be the perfect choice for you. Foliage begins to change bringing all types of colors out for your admiring pleasure. Fewer crowds mean more available accommodations as well as the perfect time to partake in activities like hiking and fly-fishing.

William O’Brien State Park, Minnesota:

Riverway Campground is the perfect campground for the whole family this fall. Situated right between Lake Alice and the St. Croix River, there are endless activities and views for you to enjoy while the weather begins to cool down. Take your mind off any stress you may have at home by kayaking and canoeing, as well as beach picnics. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for wild life such as beavers, deer, and foxes!

Ozark Mountains, Missouri/Arkansas:

One of the best places to view typical fall foliage is the Ozark Mountains, where nature actually has two phases of transition. Because of the location of the mountains on our globe and the types of trees found in this mountainous region, experts delineate two leave changing phases known as false peak and true peak. False peak is specific to certain trees or groups of trees but offers the brightest and most intense colors. True peak is when entire mountain sides are showing typical autumn yellows, oranges, and browns. There are many foliage driving tours that you can look up to spot either one of these leaf changing opportunities!

Charleston, South Carolina:

Charleston boasts some of the best and most typical fall activities that we could come up with. From visiting farmers markets, picking pumpkins out of a pumpkin patch, navigating through corn mazes, taking a ghost tour through a “haunted” graveyard, to wine tasting with your loved ones, Charleston offers it all. This town in South Carolina combines history, culture, family, and fun like no other. It’s a perfect place to make memories.

Boston, Massachusetts:

New England is known not only for its history, but its foliage and great food. Boston is a highlight in the New England tour scene. Opportunities for pub crawls, bike tours around the city, and multiple museum stops are just a few of the great fall activities you can choose from. If you want to get out of the busy city for a few hours, you can take an approximately one-hour ferry ride to the town of Salem. You may even be able to fit in some tea time by the harbor!

How to keep your fall trip cheap:

Bearing in mind school has just started and work is starting to pile up once again, think about taking a shorter trip. Extending a weekend on the front or the back end not only saves you vacation days, but also saves you money by going away for only 4 days instead of 7-10.

Consider cheaper lodging accommodations. Standard hotels will most likely be slightly cheaper during this time of year, since most people are still recovering from their summer travels. Companies like Airbnb offer the ability to find even cheaper rates for entire apartments or homes, depending on where you’re looking to vacation. Don’t forget about camping too! Since the weather is generally temperate during the fall season, camping may be the perfect plan for a long weekend with your loved ones.

Finally, plan ahead! Even though spontaneous trips are sometimes better than ones planed for months, a little preparation could help you save money in the long run. If you know you want to travel during three of the four seasons this year plan to save money for what’s next whenever possible.

No matter what your fall plans are, remember to talk to your travel advisor and visit www.travelinsured.com to help protect your trips this year!


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