The prep work for travel is quite the task to conquer. It becomes difficult because we have to make assumptions and predictions about what we think will occur while we’re there. Unfortunately, there are times that the unexpected happens. One of the things that we find ourselves surprised about are unexpected fees. We compiled a list of a few common travel fees that people don’t expect or forget about. Check them out!

Hotel Parking

Hotel parking isn’t always included in the price you pay to stay at the hotel. Often times, hotels have their own personal policies on parking. Usually you can find this information with a little searching on the hotel website. But, if you aren’t sure whether or not you need to account for this extra cost, be sure to give them a quick call.


Wi-Fi is something that is becoming a standard amenity at all types of locations: restaurants, bars, bookstores, gyms, the list goes on. But, even though you may have the opportunity to connect to a particular facilities Wi-Fi, it may not be free. It is important that you consider your internet safety when making decisions about Wi-Fi as well. Although there may be a free option available, it may not be secure. If you aren’t sure whether or not a facility has Wi-Fi and if there is a cost associated, ask. It might save you a headache later.

International Roaming Charges

Our phones have become such a large part of your daily life. We use them everywhere we go for all types of reasons. There are ways to use your phone abroad that won’t cost you extra. But, you won’t be able to use your phone as completely as you would at home. Keeping airplane mode on allows you to connect to Wi-Fi when available and still use other phone features, such as the camera. If you’re concerned your phone my accidentally start roaming, the easiest way to avoid this is by turning your phone off completely.

Currency Exchange

Traveling to a foreign country often requires that you obtain some of that location’s currency. This is no surprise. But, where the surprise can come in is the fluctuations in exchange rates. It may cost more to exchange the same amount of money depending on when you do it. If you know well in advance that you’ll be traveling abroad and need foreign currency, look into exchange rates, and perhaps order money from your bank ahead of time.

Visa Costs

Visas are required for entrance into certain countries. They are also important if you plan on staying somewhere for an extended period of time, like for school or work. We may know that a visa application is our golden ticket to visiting a new place, but we don’t often realize there is a cost associated. In addition, the cost associated with the visa may be dependent on the location you plan on traveling and the documentation needed for visa approval. Be sure to look into visa requirements for your travel destination well before departure.

Travel Protection

Most of us plan our trips down to the very last detail. But, for those of us that are unfamiliar with travel protection, it can be easy to forget to add it into your plans. Protection is important to consider because the unexpected can happen at any time. By looking into travel protection, you may be able to save yourself money should something not go as planned. Take a look at our website to learn more about travel protection, and to find the best plan to fit your travel needs.

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