Let’s face it, travel days aren’t the most enjoyable days of our vacation. But, they’re necessary so that we can enjoy the perks of actually going away. Depending on where you’ll be heading, your travel day might be quite short, or it could end up being exceptionally long. No matter the length of your travel day, being prepared will help things go a lot smoother. Check out a few of our tips to help you travel a little less stressed.

1. Plan your travel time wisely

There are a lot of factors that go into planning your next getaway including the time of day that you’ll be traveling. Consider your habits when purchasing travel tickets. If you are usually a morning person, early travel might be your best bet. Leaving early in the morning could help you beat some of the crowd that will come in the later morning or early afternoon.

If you’re not a morning person consider traveling later at night. Again, you may be able to miss some of the crowds. Enjoy a relaxing dinner before hand and sleep during your travel.

The busiest times of travel are usually between 8am and 5pm. This may vary by region and travel type.

2. Bring snacks

There’s nothing worse than being on a long road trip and having no snacks or drinks. No matter how you’re traveling, consider bringing some snacks for your travel day. Be sure to think about the type of snacks you want to bring beforehand. This will help you plan well for type of snack (how will you eat it? is it a handheld item or do you need utensils?), as well as quantity of snacks.

Choose snacks that will help fuel your body and make you feel good while traveling. Try to stay away from snacks that may cause an upset stomach. Also consider the types of drinks you bring on your travel day. Water is always one of the best choices when picking a drink. It will keep you hydrated and can be found almost anywhere. Remember your reusable water bottle each time you leave the house.

3. Bring entertainment

A lot of the time we spend traveling is also spent waiting. We wait in lines, lounges, and during transit. Bringing entertainment for these waiting times can help you pass the time. Bring the book that you’ve has sitting on your nightstand for the past two months. Charge up your favorite electronics so they’re ready at your disposal. Bring a portable charger if you have one so you have extra juice when needed.

Try looking for some good travel playlists. Or better yet create your own. Having the perfect playlist can put you and your travel buddies in a great mood. Whether you’re jamming in the car or through your headphones, you’ll be ready to go with the perfect go to audio entertainment. If you enjoy podcasts, download a few well in advance so they have time to download.

4. Take advantage of the lounge

If you’re traveling and had the ability to utilize a lounge area, take advantage of it. There are some perks to having access to this area. These may vary by location. But a perk that spans across them all is the comfort that comes with it. Often the seating areas they provide are much more comfortable than the standard waiting area.

There may also be good meal and snack options in the lounges. Consider dining in these areas. Eating in a more relaxed and quieter place could help you to stay calm while you’re traveling.

5. Don’t create false expectations

Let’s face it, there’s only so much preparation that we can do for our travel day. But we need to be real about what it will actually consist of. All of our planning will come in handy. Even so, it will be tiring and long. Having realistic expectations will help you to not get frustrated if something doesn’t go as planned.

Consider travel protection each time you travel in case the unexpected does happen. Lost luggage, trip delays, and cancellations are a few of the benefits that you may be protected against if you purchase travel protection. Talk to your travel advisor or visit our website to learn more about the benefits that travel protection has.

6. Wear something comfortable

Travel days are hard on our bodies. Prepare for this by wearing something that you feel comfortable in. This will help you throughout the travel experience by eliminating one aspect that could create irritation. Consider layering up so that you can compensate if the temperature changes. Try wearing a light shirt with a sweater or jacket on top.

Wear shoes that you know won’t let you down. You might be tempted to wear a new pair of shoes since you’re going on vacation. Save those for an activity on your trip. Opt for the pair of shoes that will last you in case you find yourself standing or walking more than you anticipated. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared.

7. Use a travel pillow

Travel pillows are sold in quite a few convenience stores in travel locations, such as the airport. You can also easily purchase them online. If you struggle with staying comfortable while traveling consider this item. It offers great support for your neck. They may also help you sleep easier as well. There are times when sleeping while traveling is a good idea. If you’re traveling at night or trying to keep your sleep schedule on track you might want to sleep while on the go. Having a travel pillow could be just the thing you need to make this happen.

Whether you’re sleeping or not, wearing the travel neck pillow can be the perfect addition to your travel pack.


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