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Even a well-traveled person may find themselves making travel mistakes. Whatever the reason, mistakes happen, so we are going to help you avoid making them the next time you travel. Go over these most common travel mistakes before you leave for your trip.

Mistake 1: Not telling your bank that you’re traveling

Sometimes credit cards get turned off by the company if they see charges being made from a location other than your home.

Mistake 2: Using your phone internationally

In this day and age of technology, international rates are still pretty high. Use Wi‑Fi instead or call your provider to find out what options you have for your phone. (Check out our previous post, How to Use Your Cellphone Abroad.)

Mistake 3: Forgetting to renew passports

Some countries require that your passport is valid for at least 6 more months or they might not allow you to enter. A quick internet search can let you know about your destination’s requirements. To be on the safe side, make sure your passport won’t expire within the next full year.

Mistake 4: Not buying travel protection

Factor in the cost of travel protection with every trip so it’s always in your budget. Consider the cost of a plan compared to the cost of an accident or cancellation losses. You can learn more about travel coverage at

Mistake 5: Packing too much

There are laundromats all around the world, so don’t stress about not having enough clean clothes. Pack basic clothes that you can mix and match to allow certain items to be worn more than once. It always helps to make a list of what you absolutely need to pack.

Mistake 6: Not going inclusive

If you have the option to make your trip inclusive, such as at a resort, you should do it. It’ll be cheaper especially if you’ll be drinking alcohol.

Mistake 7: Under-budgeting

People tend to calculate the cost of airfare, gas, and hotel, but they often forget to factor in the cost of parking, shopping, tips, and other activities along the way.

Mistake 8: Being late

Always allow extra time for things like getting to the airport or navigating a city you’ve never been to. If you get lost or there is traffic, you won’t be as stressed out if you’re ahead of schedule.

Have you made these mistakes or another one not on our list? Share with us in the comments below!

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