Older hikers

It may seem difficult to afford travel once you’re retired. However, it’s possible for anyone to travel on any budget! Your age or income shouldn’t hinder your ability to travel. Sometimes money is a bit tighter, but you can still make travel more affordable. Travel Insured has some tips for retired individuals who want to travel on a budget.

  1. Look for discounts everywhere. Many businesses offer a senior discount, so take advantage of it. You can also find coupons for activities and restaurants to help lower costs (try Groupon).
  2. Travel during the off-season. You’ll find more discounts and less crowds. A good part about retirement is that you aren’t being held back by a job, so you don’t typically have restraints on when you can travel. Monday through Wednesday are often the cheapest days for flights.
  3. Choose accommodations that include breakfast. If you do, you’ll only need to buy 2 meals each day instead of 3!
  4. Consider purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance helps protect against unexpected events that could cost you extra money you didn’t budget for. Not only will you find coverage for your airline ticket and baggage, but also for trip cancellation and medical benefits – which is great for retirees concerned about their health while traveling.
  5. Use a rewards credit card throughout the year so you can travel with the points you’ve accumulated. During your trip you should continue to use that credit card because you’ll feel better about spending money if you’re earning points at the same time.
  6. Set money aside each month exclusively for travel. Even a small amount each month will help. If you’re willing to cut back on your spending (e.g. going out to eat every week), you’ll be able to save more than you thought.
  7. Plan some details of the trip ahead of time so you can get an idea of how much you’ll be spending on each activity. If you start planning far enough in advance, it’ll give you extra time to save as well. (Many museums and National Parks are free to visit.)
  8. When possible, book tickets online in advance. The rates are often a bit cheaper online than in-person.

Do you have any tips for traveling in retirement? Share with us in the comments below!