Have you reached a limit on your credit card where you can finally start using mileage and points to take your dream vacation or even just a small trip? Are you afraid that something may happen that will invalidate your miles/points if you couldn’t take your trip? Well push your worries away, Travel Insured International is more than glad to put your mind at ease and offer you coverage for those miles and points.

How does it work?

A lot of travelers think when you initiate miles/ points that we cannot offer them travel insurance because they have accumulated these points/miles from previous travel or expenses over time, but this is not true. We can offer coverage for a few different options.  We treat airline miles/ points as a trip cost so no matter what there will always be a monetary amount associated with them. When it comes to insuring an actual value for your miles we break it down into three categories. Below are the categories:

     1. Reinstatement fee:

This would be the fee associated with reinstating the miles/ points back to the supplier you initiated them from. Usually this is a lower amount but it is absolutely something we can insure.

     2. Taxes and Fees:

This amount would be associated with any additional taxes you may be charged if you purchased an airline ticket using miles/points. Sometimes a company will allow you to put the miles/points back with no penalty fee if it is due to a specific reason, however, if there is a monetary amount or penalty you are out of pocket for we can insure that amount.

   3. The actual ticket cost:

We insure the actual ticket amount when it comes to a “use it or lose it” situation. This is when the company tells you that if you had to cancel your trip and not use the mileage ticket or point ticket that you will be penalized the full cost of the airline ticket.

Travel Insured International is always looking to make your travel planning as simple as possible including using airline miles/ points with no fears.  If you have any additional questions or concerns the Customer Care Department is always there to help support you with your purchases and questions. Please feel free to contact us directly at 800-243-3174 or via Live Chat at www.travelinsured.com