Traveling often means flying. There are many perks to flying like getting to your destination quicker. But, there are also some draw backs to taking a plane. One of the most prevalent draw backs to flying is the stress that we feel making our way through the airport, both during departure and arrival. However, there are a few hacks that everyone can benefit from when navigating through the airport. Check them out!

Arrive Early –

We’ve all been given this advice in the past. The problem is, we don’t always take it. Whether you plan on traveling domestically or internationally, it is always a good idea to arrive at least two hours in advance of your scheduled boarding time. This extra time will provide you buffer room in case there are long lines at baggage check or security. And, it will give you enough time to find your gate without having to rush, or even run, through the airport. What should you do if you breeze through all of those checkpoints? Enjoy some food and drinks in a lounge or restaurant and relax even further before takeoff.

Be Prepared with Your Baggage –

There are certain things that you can and cannot put in both your checked and carry-on luggage. Make sure you’re aware of not only the general rules and restrictions that come with baggage, but also specific guidelines for the airline that you will be traveling with. Things such as lithium batteries and e-cigarettes are prohibited in checked baggage. Also consider packing medication, electronics, and an extra set of clothes in your carry on. Should your checked bag not arrive on schedule, you won’t be stressed about making do until it finally does show up.

Know the Drill for Security –

Many of us have been through airport security before, but even if you haven’t, here’s what you should know. Be ready. There are many people trying to get through security just like you. So, being ready when its your turn to put your things on the belt and walk through the scanner will keep things moving nicely. Make sure you know where your electronics are, and even place them in easy to grab spots when packing. This way, when you need to unload them into a bin, you’ll be a bit faster. Perhaps wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off, or even untie your shoelaces when you’re next in line. Finally, make sure any loose change or metal is out of your pockets before its your turn to walk through the scanner.

Don’t Crowd the Gate –

It’s almost instinct for everyone to stand up in anticipation of boarding the plane. However, this can cause crowding and frustration for those passengers that are trying to make their way to the ticket check. It may be a better idea to stand off to the side of the boarding line, or even stay seated until your boarding section is called. There is no use causing frustration for yourself, or other passengers by rushing up to the gate. Often travelers even wait to board with the last section of passengers to avoid sitting in the confined seating spaces for longer than necessary. The only risk with that is less overhead baggage space.

Be Prepared for Arrival –

There are a few things you should be prepared for when you arrive at your destination. First, you should listen to any announcements that the cabin crew gives when they begin their descent. Often times cabin crew will inform you of local time, weather, and baggage carousel number. If you will be landing in a foreign country, be prepared to go through customs. Make sure your passport isn’t stuffed into the bottom of your carry-on or purse because you’ll need to have it ready to show custom agents. Also consider pre-booking airport transfers since taxi lines can often be long.


There are a number of steps you can take when preparing for your trip. You may want to obtain travel protection for your upcoming holidays. This can help you should something not go according to plan. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website to learn more!


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