airport security

Going through the security checkpoint at the airport can be a hassle. It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if you’re prepared for it. Some airports may be stricter than others, so it’s better to be over prepared. Here are some tips to help you get through security as easily as possible.

  • First and foremost, know what is and isn’t allowed in your carry on so your chances of getting inspected will be lower.
  • Plan to arrive 2 hours before your flight (more if going international). Having extra time in case of traffic, long lines, or getting screened more thoroughly will save you stress. If you’re traveling during a holiday or the peak summer months, leave even more time since it will be much busier.
  • Wear shoes you can slip on and off in seconds. You don’t want to be that person who holds up the line untying their shoes.
  • Make sure your liquids are in a quart-sized plastic bag to help speed up the process. Remember to pack your liquids bag at the top of your baggage or in an outside pocket so you can easily get them out for screening.
  • You have to remove your laptop from your bag, but smaller devices like tablets and phones can remain inside.
  • If the line is moving very slowly, take that time to remove necessary items, like your laptop and liquids, so you’ll be able to put your belongings in the bins quickly.
  • Frequent travelers could sign up for TSA Pre-check. You’ll get access to a different security line that is shorter and more convenient for you. It’s a small fee for someone who travels several times a year.
  • Before you get in line, double check that you have everything with you so you don’t have to turn around and wait in line all over again. Check for your phone, boarding pass(es), keys, and anything else that may have been left in the car or at check-in.
  • If you brought a beverage with you, make sure to drink it all or pour it out before you reach security, if you want to bring the empty bottle through with you.
  • Remove any metal items that would set off the detector and put them in a bin. Think about belts, boot buckles, and watches.
  • If you have a TSA notification card or other medical documentation, make sure you can show it to the officer. You may get a pat-down screening instead.

Airport security is just the beginning of your trip. Consider travel protection to help protect your trip for any other hassles you may encounter while traveling. Get a quote and learn more at