Are Miles and Points Covered By Travel Protection?

are miles and points covered by travel protection
You’ve earned your frequent flyer miles and reward points fair and square. It’s understandable that you may be concerned about losing them if your travel plans are disrupted. Can a travel protection plan cover this type of payment? Keep reading to learn more about different scenarios you might encounter and what  coverage may be available.

What should be included in your trip cost:

Miles and points should not be included in your trip cost when quoting and/or purchasing travel protection. They are not equivalent to cash, so you should not “insure” them.

There are some cases where your miles only cover a portion of the total cost. For example, a flight might cost you 3,000 miles but you only have 1,000 miles to redeem. The extra cash you spend out of pocket to purchase the flight should be included in your trip cost.

Another example is when you have enough points for an entire flight, but still are required to pay out of pocket for the taxes and fees. These additional expenses can be included in your trip cost as well.

Most importantly, make sure to keep all receipts for your bookings with miles or reward points.

Rebanking your miles or reward points:

When you’re forced to cancel your trip and have to put your miles or points back into the account they were removed from, that account may charge a fee to do so. This is where travel protection can help. When you cancel your trip for a covered reason, you may be reimbursed up to $250 for any penalty cost of putting miles or points back in to the account they were removed from. This falls under our Reimbursement of Miles or Reward Points benefit.

Keep all documentation of “rebanking” your miles or points. This will be required if you start a claim with Travel Insured.

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