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7 Surprising Must See Vacations in the United States

There are tons of ultra-popular locations in the US to travel. According to TripAdvisor, New York City, Maui, Las Vegas, Oahu, and Orlando are America’s most vacationed destinations in 2018.

But there’s also countless other United States’ travel spots that are worth checking out – and some may surprise you!

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Protecting Your Trip From Winter Storms

Traveling during the winter can be tricky due to the risk of storms. At Travel Insured, our plans can help you weather the storm and help protect your trip from becoming a total loss. Here are a few common questions that can help you understand how your travel protection plan can help in the event of a winter storm.

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4 Reasons You Think You Don’t Need Travel Insurance

If you haven’t purchased travel protection before, you may be questioning whether you really need it for your next trip or not. From being too expensive to thinking you may be covered elsewhere, we want to visit some of the most common reasons why travelers questions whether or not to purchase – and the reasons why they may want to rethink that decision for their next trip!

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How to Help Protect Your Trip During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season 2019 is officially here. With summer vacations upon us, one of the most important steps to staying safe is by purchasing a travel protection plan. While travel protection solely to guard against the disruptions caused by a hurricane is not available from Travel Insured, purchasing a plan with coverage that can help protect against many of the inconveniences that hurricanes can cause can be helpful.

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7 Green Travel Tips for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Rather than trying to make a difference only one day out of the year, why not make some changes to the way that you travel each and every time you take off. Here are 7 of our favorite tips for an environmentally friendly vacation.

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Off the Beaten Path Honeymoon Spots

Some honeymooners wish to travel to a popular destination for their big trip: Maui, Venice, Cancun, maybe even Vegas!

But some honeymooners want to travel to off the beaten path destinations for truly unique experiences.

Here are top five off the beaten path honeymoon spots for 2019.

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Travel Insured Introduces New Customer Help Center!

This week, Travel Insured has launched a brand new Customer Help Center on the Travel Insured website! This feature was designed to serve as an all-in-one knowledge base and community designed for customers to help themselves find answers to questions, as quickly as possible.

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Seeing Past the Price Tag: Benefits of an Extensive Travel Protection Plan

Not every travel protection plan is created equal. At first glance, it’s everyone’s inclination to choose the 25-dollar plan over the 125-dollar plan. Big savings initially, however, do not necessarily equate to big savings in the long term! If you’re seeking extensive coverage for your next trip, it’s important to stop getting stuck on the initial price tag and start assessing plans based on your travel coverage needs.

Truth being, it’s tough to anticipate what types of travel misfortunes you will encounter on your trip. Choosing an extensive travel protection plan from Travel Insured, however, is one way to safeguard you and your travel investment. Our Worldwide Trip Protector is an extensive coverage option while our Worldwide Trip Protector Plus is among our most extensive coverage options. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing one of these plans:

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Best Spring Break Spots You Didn’t Think to Visit

Cancun, Miami, Daytona Beach, Montego Bay, Myrtle Beach…spring break typically isn’t stamped with originality. In this day and age of immersive, off the beaten path travel, wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to re-brand the stereotypical spring break getaway?

Here are a few unconventional spring break spots that might transform your plans from ordinary to extraordinary.

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6 Proven Health Benefits of Traveling


Studies find the benefits of leisure travel are far beyond exploring new places. There are actual proven health benefits of leisure travel that may convince you to pack your suitcase sooner than later.

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