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Haley, Author at Travel Tips and Ideas Haley, Author at Travel Tips and Ideas

Author: Haley

Vacations for You and the Guys

It’s not every day that the guys are able to leave town and spend quality time with one another. Taking a guy’s-only vacation allows men to bond over shared adventures, and even turn it into an annual event. When planning the perfect guy’s getaway, it’s important to offer activities that the whole group is on board with. Here is an overview of some of the best domestic and international weekend getaways for you and the guys.

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Olympic Mania 2021

The international sports festival, known as the Olympic Games, takes place every four years. Some of the world’s greatest athletes train every day to participate in the Games in hopes of earning a bronze, silver or gold medal. The Olympic Games are broken into two events, the Summer Games and the Winter Games, held separately. The Summer Games take place in the first year and the Winter Games are in the third year of the four-year period. Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics were rescheduled and are taking place exactly one year later. They will still be called Tokyo 2020 despite the new 2021 date. The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics begin July 23rd thru August 8th, 2021. The Paralympic Games start 15 days after. Let’s dig into the action on what to expect for this summer’s Olympic Games!

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Fantasy Vacations with No Budget

Especially in today’s times, as we all were experiencing stay-at-home orders, fantasizing about our next vacation once travel returns was the new norm. A lot of time was passed filling up our Pinterest boards with white sand beaches and tropical palm trees, hoping somehow, we win the lottery to make it all come true. We’re all eager to fulfill our wanderlust needs, but what if you had no budget and could travel anywhere you desire. Let’s take a few minutes and fantasize about these four dream vacations as if money were no object.

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