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Isabelle, Author at Travel Tips and Ideas Isabelle, Author at Travel Tips and Ideas

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7 Tips for Surviving Long Travel Days

Let’s face it, travel days aren’t the most enjoyable days of our vacation. But, they’re necessary so that we can enjoy the perks of actually going away. Depending on where you’ll be heading, your travel day might be quite short, or it could end up being exceptionally long. No matter the length of your travel day, being prepared will help things go a lot smoother. Check out a few of our tips to help you travel a little less stressed.

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Beating the Heat While Traveling

Summer is almost in full swing. Schools are being let out, vacation requests are being sent in, and the heat is here to stay! Traveling in the summer is something that many of us look forward to every year. Do you have a standard summer trip you take with your family or friends? No matter where your summer travel plans take you, it’s important to know how to beat the heat. We wait all year for these hot sunny days, but are you ready to navigate them while traveling? Check out a few of our tips on how to deal with the heat on your summer vacation.

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Turning Your Business Trip into a Mini Vacation

If you’ve ever traveled for work, or travel frequently for it, then you know that it can be tiring. Commuting on a regular day is tiring, but add in a plane, train, or ferry and boy oh boy. But traveling, no matter what kind, has an element of excitement that makes the travel part worth it all. Sometimes it takes a bit more strategic planning to enjoy every destination you travel to exciting, but the opportunity is always there.

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Exploring: Louisiana

Exploring the United States is an exciting idea. Taking it one state at a time might be even more exciting. You will have opportunities to experience countless climates, cultures, history, people, and more. Think about making a list of all the states and creating a bucket list itinerary for each of them. Each time you’re ready to travel but aren’t sure where to go or what to do when you get there, refer to your list and start crossing places off.

What’s great about traveling domestically is the opportunity for road tripping. Not only may this be a bit more cost effective, based on number of travelers and distance, but it may also lend itself to your travel experience as a whole. Creating memories on the road is the best way to kick off and end a trip.

Last time we went exploring in the U.S. we considered Maine, a New England staple. Now let’s take some time to explore Louisiana. We’ll dive into a few of the things that make Louisiana bucket list worthy.

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Where is Travel Going

As we make our way to the half point of 2021 we see a lot changing. One thing that we can see making a change is travel trends. Travel, in the past year, has significantly changed more than once. But, we’re excited to see an up-tick in the intention for travelers to get back out into the world.

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Staying Safe While Cruising

Whether it’s your first time cruising or your one hundredth time cruising, the luster of the sea never wears off. Going on a cruise is an exciting experience. Floating from one destination to another overnight through the vast open waters, is something truly out of the movies. Get ready to make tons of friends, have incredible dining experiences, and find entertainment at every corner. Just like air and land travel, though, it is important to stay safe during your time on the sea. Check out our list of cruise safety tips!

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Travel Emergency Checklist

Traveling doesn’t usually come with bad connotations. We dream of warm sandy beaches, sun shining, adventure at every turn and time to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Sometimes, though, the unexpected does happen, and we experience travel emergencies. Quite frankly, it can be very stressful to have this happen to you while you’re away. But, there are things we can do to alleviate some of that stress.

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How to Be a Tourist at Home

Let’s face it – most of us don’t have nearly as much time or money as we’d like to spend on traveling. Whether it’s to the next state over or across the globe, we want more of it. Circumstances, however, prevent us from doing just that. So how do we get that butterfly feeling in our stomach that we get when we land in a new airport while we’re at home? The answer: becoming a tourist at home.

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6 Reasons People Travel

Millions of people travel all corners of the world every single day. But, what really drives people to explore more than just their backyards? Just like anything, the list for what inspires people to travel is endless. No matter what motivates you to travel, we’re just happy that you share the passion for travel with us.

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Exploring: Maine

The United States of America is usually broken down by region and then by state/attraction. The west coast boasts great weather and modern attractions including a new and upcoming vegan food scene. The south offers warmer temperatures as well with the chance for ultimate relaxation on world class beaches. New England, or the northeastern region of the United States, offers quaint historic landmarks, great seafood, and every season!

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