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Busiest Times to Travel in the Summer

busy summer travel days

Summer is the busiest time of year to travel. School is out so families plan most vacations during this time. The weather is more consistently warm so many people take time off from work to be outdoors. With so many people taking advantage of summertime, travel by any means of transportation is bound to be busy. However, there are certain times during the summer that are particularly busier than others:
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How to Breeze Through Airport Security

airport security

Going through the security checkpoint at the airport can be a hassle. It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if you’re prepared for it. Some airports may be stricter than others, so it’s better to be over prepared. Here are some tips to help you get through security as easily as possible.

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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

eco-friendly travel

Travel may not necessarily be earth-friendly, but there are small ways you can try to reduce your footprint. With the celebration of Earth day, April 22, Travel Insured came up with some tips to help you make eco-friendly choices on future trips.
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How to Feel Safer About Traveling

travel safety

In a changing world of travel, there are bound to be safety concerns. It’s understandable that people may be afraid of traveling more than they were before due to several recent events. Travel is still generally very safe, so hopefully such tragedies haven’t deterred you from traveling altogether. Here are some ways to help you feel safer when traveling.

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Tips to Protect Your Rental Car

rental car
A lot of rental cars get broken into because there are dead giveaways that tourists are using the car. Even if the plates are from a different state, you can make it look like the driver is a local. Thieves know that tourists carry valuable items like cameras and laptops so when they see a rental car, they may break into it. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to keep your rental car and belongings safe.
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A Guide to River Cruises

river cruise

By now you’ve probably heard of river cruises, since they’ve been gaining popularity. The idea of seeing the world by river is getting travelers’ attention and the cruise ships themselves are improving each year. You can cruise almost any major river in the world at this point. Some of the hottest destinations are Europe, Africa, and China because of the rich history and unique views.
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How to Pick the Right Hotel


Booking the right hotel can make all the difference. Whether you spend a lot or a little amount of time in the room, investing in a decent hotel is important. If you’re walking around all day you’ll be happy to have a comfortable, clean hotel to relax in at the end of the day. And if you’re have a relaxing day, you wouldn’t want to ruin it by coming back to hotel where you won’t get a good sleep. Here are our tips to finding the right hotel.
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2016 Travel Trends

Each year we try to find what the most popular travel trends will be for the upcoming year. Luckily, most of the trends this year are going to be favorable to travelers. Check out what travel trends we’ve uncovered for 2016 and start thinking about where you want to take a trip this year!
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International Travel Safety

international travel safety
Traveling abroad is exciting but also very different from the U.S. It’s unfamiliar to most people, so it’s important to know how to stay safe. Each city has different safety concerns, but some safety tips are the same regardless of location.
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Stay Healthy While Traveling

sick woman

Staying healthy while traveling is easier than you’d think. Even though your normal routine is disrupted, there are precautions you can take that will help you stay in good health. Here are some tips to help you have a good trip and avoid getting sick.

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