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Cruising for a Family Spring Break Vacation

Cruises are a great way to find one-stop shop fun for the family. There are tons of activities, a variety of restaurants, and great entertainment. Attractions are just a short walk away from your cabin. But how does one choose one cruise from another? They all seem great, right?! Here’s a cool way to narrow things down. Look for unique, onboard activities that you and your kids can enjoy for hours. Here are a few cruise lines offering activities that might suite your family’s interests.

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3 Reasons You Should Visit Berlin This Year

Berlin, Germany has the unique quality of being cool, modern, and historic at the same time. Whether it’s a stop on your tour of Europe or your only destination, visiting Berlin is a must at least once in your lifetime. Below are just a few of the reasons why this city can’t be missed!

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Comparing Credit Card Travel Protection to Traditional Travel Protection

A common practice among travelers is choosing not to buy travel protection because they believe their credit cards have enough protection. What they may not realize is there can be significant differences between credit card travel protection and traditional travel protection. Those differences can really affect travelers if things go wrong on their trips.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Claim

You did a lot of smart things while planning your trip. You didn’t wait until the last minute to book your flight and hotel. You know how you’re getting to and from the airport. You purchased your travel protection plan way in advance. You even booked yourself an appointment at the spa. Good thinking! Now, you can look forward to relaxation, good food and good company. But what if something happens and you have to file a claim? Well, here are 5 claim filing mistakes you can avoid to keep the claim process rolling and avoid delays.

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A Guide to: Valentine’s Day in Napa

Imagine spending Valentine’s Day with your loved one surrounded by majestic scenery and savoring great wine. Now imagine sipping that wine in Napa Valley, California, celebrating the holiday of love together. Such a dream can easily become reality this Valentine’s Day, which just so happens to land on a weekend this year! We’ve got some great ideas for making the weekend a romantic getaway to remember.

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4 Wonders of Iceland You Won’t Want to Miss

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has some of the world’s most unique and captivating landscapes. What used to be considered a layover on the way to points of interest in Europe has become a hotspot destination for tourists over the years. For the adventure seeker in you, here are some great suggestions of places to visit.

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New Year’s in Sydney, Australia

Looking for an amazing international location to spend New Year’s Eve? How about Sydney, Australia? If your new year’s plans usually consist of below freezing temperatures, you can trade that in for a balmy 78 degrees in Sydney on New Year’s Eve.  Wherever you turn, you will find happy revelers alongside you there. Ahead are some great places to be on new year’s in the great down under.

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6 Best Getaways in New England

New England is the perfect part of the country for B&B’s because you can enjoy these quaint establishments year-round. You can witness the seasons change, wake up to mouth-watering breakfasts, lounge on comfy sofas, and take advantage of outdoor activities around picture perfect towns and villages. Some boast of romantic views of the sea while others are nestled in town and feature garden views. Check out this list of 6 of the most sought-after bed and breakfasts in New England!

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Answering Your Questions About Pre-Existing Conditions and Travel Protection

Plane tickets? Check!

Hotel reservations? Check!

Pre-paid excursions? Check!

Travel protection? Check! Check!

Pre-existing conditions? Huh??

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How to Avoid Overcrowding at Popular Tourist Destinations


Crowdsourcing. Crowd of fans. Crowdfunding.

What do these all have in common?  They’re all great crowds. Want to know about a not-so-great-crowd? An overcrowd–as in an overcrowded tourist destination. An ultimate example is the overcrowded peak of Mount Everest, where mountain climbing lovers recently had to stand in a ridiculously long and deadly line to get to the summit1. The peak was too full, but then again, it’s a popular attraction.

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