Summer is almost in full swing. Schools are being let out, vacation requests are being sent in, and the heat is here to stay! Traveling in the summer is something that many of us look forward to every year. Do you have a standard summer trip you take with your family or friends? No matter where your summer travel plans take you, it’s important to know how to beat the heat. We wait all year for these hot sunny days, but are you ready to navigate them while traveling? Check out a few of our tips on how to deal with the heat on your summer vacation.

Take a Look at the Forecast

Most of us already have the weather pulled up for any location we plan on traveling to. But, be sure you don’t accidentally skip this step and assume summer means sunny and 80 at all times. There may be hotter than normal temperatures or even rain. Checking in on this aspect can help you prepare with an accurately packed suitcase and toiletry bag.

Be sure to look at the forecast as close to your departure date as possible. The accuracy may be a bit better the closer you are. It’s important to look at aspects aside from general forecast and temperature though. Be sure to check the humidity levels and UV index. These factors will greatly impact the forecasted weather and the real feel weather. Dry heat and humid heat are two very different beasts. UV index will tell you how strong the sun is.


Sunscreen is a good idea no matter what. Although Vitamin D is good for us, the sun is strong and can damage our skin easily. Consider bringing or purchasing a variety of sunblock levels. Depending on your “sun goals” you can use a more protective or less proactive sun block. No matter your sun goals you’ll want to apply your sun block before your day begins and then again 2-3 times throughout the day – especially if you plan on being outside during the day. There are even sun blocks that help improve overall skin moisture and more. These multipurpose sunscreens may be your new best friend!

If you won’t be traveling with your own, check your destinations surrounding stores and pharmacies to be sure that you can purchase some while you’re there. Also, consider an aloe product in case you forget your sunscreen or miss a spot. It may soothe your skin and help it recover from the sun in and easier way.

Bring a Water Bottle

Hydration is a non-negotiable at home and while away. Find a reusable water bottle that you love. It can be plain or colorful – anything that makes you ready and excited to get your water intake for the day! By having a reusable water bottle you’ll be prepared with a drink at all times. When visiting a restaurant or bar, ask for a refill before leaving the establishment.

Try filling your water bottle with tons of ice at the start of your day. Some water bottles are fantastically insulated and will hold the ice all day making refills extra icy. In addition, if your water bottle doesn’t have super insulation powers, it will melt and provide its own refill for you!

Dress for it

Don’t get us wrong, fashion is very important…well to some of us. But, functionality on vacation might take first place. Packing your suitcase is like navigating a new country with no map, almost impossible, but not. After looking at your weather app you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the sky when you arrive. Use that as a guide to help you fill most of your suitcase; toiletries included.

Be prepared with some back up items as well. Tank tops are appealing until our shoulders are a little crispy because we forgot to reapply our sunscreen. Bring items that are lightweight or loose to cover up areas that might have been previously exposed to the sun for a little extra protection. Also, consider adding a sweater to your bag in case your nighttime activities turn out to be a bit colder than expected.

Shoes should be functional as well. Letting those puppies out might help you stay cool, so think about bringing sandals even if they aren’t your thing. Depending on your itinerary sneakers are a great functional option for any suitcase. Just remember…your feet deserve some sunscreen as well!

Plan Your Day with the Sun in Mind

Most summer vacations revolve around being outside, in the sun, and in or near a body of water. Depending on your location and activity list for the trip, try planning with the sun in mind. The sun is usually at its strongest and hottest between 12-2. If you’re able to, take a break from the rays and step inside or under an umbrella for a nice lunch. Take that time to put your kids down for a nap. Go shopping in a local mall or market where there’s shade. You can get back in the sun in a few hours and it’ll be much more enjoyable.

Enjoy a Cool Treat

Cheat a little with an ice-cold beverage or treat when you’re trying to beat the heat – can someone say tongue twister? We’re allowed to indulge a little on vacation so go ahead, get that double scoop ice cream cone or a frozen margarita with a sugary rim. You deserve it and it’ll help you cool of even if only for a little while.


It’s important to protect yourself from the sun and heat while you travel. Consider these tips and see if you can come up with a few of your own before your first summer excursion. Also consider protecting your travel plans with travel protection. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website to learn more. Happy travels!


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