We all know that traveling can often be a hassle. Surely, we have all complained a time or two about the endless security, time changes, or luggage issues we’ve experienced. While many complaints go unreported, the U.S. Department of Transportation has compiled data in public reports posted online about what travelers have to say about their experiences. Check out the top five airline travel complaints.

Flight Problems

Flight problems including cancellations, missed connections, delays, or any other interruption that changes your travel schedule without warning were among of the worst and most common complaints.

Reservations, ticketing, and boarding

Over the course of a year, several travelers experienced problems when making reservations for arrival and departure times, receiving their tickets, and boarding their flight without any issues and on time for multiple trips.

Customer Service

The most common complaint about customer service consisted of poor cabin assistance and the treatment of any delayed passengers. The food provided has also been a consistent complaint among others.


Checking your luggage can always be a risk. Most travelers complain about lost, damaged or delayed luggage, charges for excess baggage, carry-on luggage problems, and difficulties with airline claims procedures.


Things happen – sometimes we miss a flight or have to switch to a different time or date. One of the biggest complaints is about obtaining a refund from an airline for unused tickets or travel adjustments.

Luckily, these complaints help airports and airlines in understanding what issues travelers face and what changes they should be making in order to help keep travel safe and hassle free. However, we suggest investing in a travel protection plan to help ease the frustrations on each and every one of your trips. In the event that you have to deal with one of these inconveniences, a protection plan can help reimburse your lost expenses and help you when you need it the most. A plan comes with insurance benefits and non-insurance assistance services. Visit www.travelinsured.com to learn more.