Bleisure Travel 101

One of the most common travel trends right now is “bleisure.” This is a mix of a business trip with a leisure trip. What this means is travelers are sent somewhere for business by their job, and then they extend their trip for their own leisure.

If you’re lucky enough to combine a work trip with a personal vacation, take advantage! The company will usually cover the costs for the business portion, so it will feel like an inexpensive trip. Here are some of our tips to making the most of bleisure travel.

  • If you go on a lot of business trips each year, think wisely about which one to turn into a bleisure trip. For example, if a conference is being held in a location during off-peak season, you may want to have your vacation there to take advantage of lower hotel rates and other off-peak perks.
  • If you plan to stay at the same hotel for the leisure part of the trip, ask if they can extend the corporate rate to your personal portion. They want your loyalty, so they may allow the discount for additional days. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
  • If you’re bringing family along for the trip, have them join you after the work obligations are over. Your mind will be clearer and you can all hang out together with no distractions.
  • If you have downtime during the business portion of the trip, you can still do some exploring around the area. This can help you maximize your time at that destination before you start your personal vacation.
  • Help protect your bleisure trip with travel protection. You may want to insure your non-refundable, pre-paid costs for the leisure part of the trip just in case something unexpected happens. Travel protection also offers includes non-insurance services* that can help assist you during the trip, such as business concierge, translation services, ID theft resolution service, and even medical evacuation. To learn more about Travel Insured’s plans, talk to your travel agent or visit

Have you gone on any bleisure trips? What are you tips? Let us know!

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*Non-insurance assistance services are provided by a third party company, OnCall International.