busy summer travel days

Summer is the busiest time of year to travel. School is out so families plan most vacations during this time. The weather is more consistently warm so many people take time off from work to be outdoors. With so many people taking advantage of summertime, travel by any means of transportation is bound to be busy. However, there are certain times during the summer that are particularly busier than others:

Fridays – People, especially those with children on summer break, will try to travel as much as possible by taking long weekends. Or some people will simply try to get a head start on the weekend. Roads will typically have heavier traffic on Fridays, and flight prices tend to spike for Friday travel.

Memorial Day Weekend – Because it’s a 3-day weekend, many people take advantage and travel. The Thursday and Friday before that weekend tend to be busiest for the roads and airports. Because Memorial Day is an unofficial kickoff to the summer, expect beaches to be packed as well.

4th of July Weekend – Everyone is on the road heading to picnics or events on Independence Day. The 4th falls on a Monday this year, providing a long weekend for most people. Expect crowds starting on the Thursday before the 4th.

Labor Day – This is another 3-day weekend holiday that many people travel for. It’s the last hoorah for summer to most people, which means travel of all kinds will increase. September flights can be cheaper, but that’s not usually the case during Labor Day weekend.

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