So what do you think of when you hear the words Cancun, Mexico?  Do you think party central?  Do you think of crazy college kids acting foolishly and causing a ruckus?  Do you think of the drug cartels when you hear the word Mexico?  Well let me enlighten you…Cancun and it’s hotel zone are very safe! 

In my many trips to the destination, I have always felt safe and secure and have never encountered a bad situation.  People tend to take the news’ stories of Mexico as being unsafe, but let’s stop and think for a second – these areas are nowhere near Cancun.  It’s the border areas and the remote mountainous areas that are of concern.  Mexico is a large country, and Cancun is far removed from these areas.  Think of the US…if you hear something bad happen in Chicago, are you then not going to go to Ft Lauderdale?  It just doesn’t make sense!  Common sense is what should be used, as with anywhere you go.  If you think something is shady, then it probably is, so don’t do it!  Just use you head, and you’ll be just fine!  Want to feel even more protected?  Take a travel insurance policy and have all your aspects of your trip covered.  Guess what? Travel Insured’s World Wide Trip Protector covers acts of terrorism, cancellations, emergency sickness and evacuation, and much, much more!

As for those partiers…while Cancun is still a great destination for nightlife, it’s much more than partying.  Cancun is about having fun, relaxing, adventure and beautiful beaches!  It’s about great dining and awesome sunrises.  It’s about culture and history, and rediscovering yourself.  Cancun has so much to offer, and not just for one type of traveler.  There are high end luxury properties for the discerning traveler.  There are budget properties for those who want a beach getaway, but can’t afford, or don’t want the glitz and glamour.  Want a little adventure?  Try a zip-lining and ATV tour!  Looking for a little romance?  How bout a sunset dinner cruise?  Want to get out and try the nightlife?  I suggest a bar leaping tour taking you to multiple venues for one price!  The options are endless in Cancun.  Don’t be afraid or cautious.  It’s your vacation, make it how you want it!  And there’s no better place to do that, than in Cancun!

Ryan Christoff, Travel Consultant – Wings Travel Group