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How To Use Your Cellphone Abroad



Using your cell phone in another country can seem intimidating.  Don’t want to get home to a shocking cell phone bill for calling, texting, or even using your GPS?  We wanted to provide you with a few steps you can take to make sure you stay connected to friends and family while traveling—without paying more than you have to.

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How to Feel Safer About Traveling

travel safety

In a changing world of travel, there are bound to be safety concerns. It’s understandable that people may be afraid of traveling more than they were before due to several recent events. Travel is still generally very safe, so hopefully such tragedies haven’t deterred you from traveling altogether. Here are some ways to help you feel safer when traveling.

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2016 Travel Trends

Each year we try to find what the most popular travel trends will be for the upcoming year. Luckily, most of the trends this year are going to be favorable to travelers. Check out what travel trends we’ve uncovered for 2016 and start thinking about where you want to take a trip this year!
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International Travel Safety

international travel safety
Traveling abroad is exciting but also very different from the U.S. It’s unfamiliar to most people, so it’s important to know how to stay safe. Each city has different safety concerns, but some safety tips are the same regardless of location.
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Popular 2016 Travel Destinations

2015 is quickly coming to an end and it’s just about that time where we all want to start planning our getaways for next year! The most popular travel destinations change each and every year based on several factors including newly built attractions, price drops, travel industry trends, and events being held. Here is a list we have complied of some of the most popular destinations for 2016!
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Tips for Overcoming Culture Shock

culture shock photo

Visiting a new country can be extremely overwhelming and if you are not prepared for the type of culture you might come in contact with, it can be even harder to adjust. The temperature and weather may be extreme, the people may be overly friendly or rude, the food may be something that you have never heard of, and the streets may seem like a completely different world. When an individual travels another region in the world, there are bound to be several cultural differences which can cause a traveler to experience ‘culture shock’. All travelers experience some form of culture shock but here are a few tips to make sure it is a mild case while you are away!
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International Travel Checklist

internatinoal checklist imageTraveling outside of the U.S. is a very different experience than traveling within the states. It’s fun to be spontaneous but there are some important preparations to make ahead of time. Here are 10 things to put on your travel checklist before you explore an international destination.
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Extraordinary Airports Around the World

Have you ever been delayed at an airport and had nothing to do but wait? Airports around the world are becoming more accommodating and enjoyable for travelers. Several airports have practically become travel destinations themselves because they’re so entertaining. Check out how these airports around the world are breaking the status quo to make your airport experience not only bearable, but fun!
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Staying Healthy While Traveling Abroad

When traveling to a country you have never visited before, you will experience new cultures, try new foods, and push beyond your normal every day comfort zones. With a completely new atmosphere and so many new things to try, we put ourselves in a position where we are more likely to get sick or have an accident. Not only do we need to be healthy before travel plans, but it is important to maintain your health by doing certain things throughout your trip to ensure the best time possible. Here are some tips that will be sure to help keep you safe and healthy while traveling abroad!
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Cancun…Safe, and Full of Life!

So what do you think of when you hear the words Cancun, Mexico?  Do you think party central?  Do you think of crazy college kids acting foolishly and causing a ruckus?  Do you think of the drug cartels when you hear the word Mexico?  Well let me enlighten you…Cancun and it’s hotel zone are very safe! 
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