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Avoid Getting Scammed While on Vacation

We can all spot them: that person who takes pictures of everything, walking around with their fanny pack on, map in hand…the typical tourist. When you are in a foreign place you can easily be picked out of the crowd by a local. Although we all try to be conscientious of our surroundings, it only takes a second to become a victim. They may appear to be a helping hand in a time of need, be weary of their smiling face!
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Top Student Travel Destinations Named

One of the most amazing experiences that a student can have is embarking on a journey away from home to gain hands-on learning in a completely different culture. Studying abroad for a semester, enrolling in an internship, or simply just spending a couple weeks volunteering or sightseeing in a faraway destination can provide a great learning experience. While it can be argued that any trip made can help students gain knowledge, we’d like to say that these are the top places that every student should get the chance to travel to while they’re young.
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