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3 Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

This beautiful country has plenty of great places to explore. Why not forgo a trip that involves a plane and take a road trip? There are amazing attractions like museums, theme parks, and cities just waiting for you to visit. While you plan, there are some key essentials to keep in mind. They can help make your trip safe, exciting, and unforgettable.

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5 Factors to Consider Before Your Next Trip

Planning your next trip may be just around the corner. You can look forward to rest, relaxation, and adventure. Naturally, you will want to ensure a smooth and fun experience. Achieving that goal is very doable with just a few pieces of advice. Some things to consider include your budget, timing, and trip length. It’s easy to just focus on the end result without putting in the time to really think things through. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of things to keep in mind when planning your next outing.

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7 Surprising Must See Vacations in the United States

There are tons of ultra-popular locations in the US to travel. According to TripAdvisor, New York City, Maui, Las Vegas, Oahu, and Orlando are America’s most vacationed destinations in 2018.

But there’s also countless other United States’ travel spots that are worth checking out – and some may surprise you!

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3 Reasons You Should Visit Berlin This Year

Berlin, Germany has the unique quality of being cool, modern, and historic at the same time. Whether it’s a stop on your tour of Europe or your only destination, visiting Berlin is a must at least once in your lifetime. Below are just a few of the reasons why this city can’t be missed!

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A Guide to: Valentine’s Day in Napa

Imagine spending Valentine’s Day with your loved one surrounded by majestic scenery and savoring great wine. Now imagine sipping that wine in Napa Valley, California, celebrating the holiday of love together. Such a dream can easily become reality this Valentine’s Day, which just so happens to land on a weekend this year! We’ve got some great ideas for making the weekend a romantic getaway to remember.

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4 Wonders of Iceland You Won’t Want to Miss

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has some of the world’s most unique and captivating landscapes. What used to be considered a layover on the way to points of interest in Europe has become a hotspot destination for tourists over the years. For the adventure seeker in you, here are some great suggestions of places to visit.

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New Year’s in Sydney, Australia

Looking for an amazing international location to spend New Year’s Eve? How about Sydney, Australia? If your new year’s plans usually consist of below freezing temperatures, you can trade that in for a balmy 78 degrees in Sydney on New Year’s Eve.  Wherever you turn, you will find happy revelers alongside you there. Ahead are some great places to be on new year’s in the great down under.

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6 Best Getaways in New England

New England is the perfect part of the country for B&B’s because you can enjoy these quaint establishments year-round. You can witness the seasons change, wake up to mouth-watering breakfasts, lounge on comfy sofas, and take advantage of outdoor activities around picture perfect towns and villages. Some boast of romantic views of the sea while others are nestled in town and feature garden views. Check out this list of 6 of the most sought-after bed and breakfasts in New England!

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6 U.S. Destinations to Visit this Fall

Now that summer is coming to an end, reality is starting to hit like a brick wall. This reality check comes not only for kids going back to school full-time, but also for adults working all week with less vacation time. But fear not, the winter blues don’t have to set in too quickly or harshly.

Fall is the perfect time to do some traveling and exploring of places you may not have thought to check out before. The climate is, in many cases, much more bearable, with more comfortable temperatures and lower humidity levels.

We picked a few easy to travel to, budget-friendly spots in the beautiful USA that you won’t want to miss out on.

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Best Spring Break Spots You Didn’t Think to Visit

Cancun, Miami, Daytona Beach, Montego Bay, Myrtle Beach…spring break typically isn’t stamped with originality. In this day and age of immersive, off the beaten path travel, wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to re-brand the stereotypical spring break getaway?

Here are a few unconventional spring break spots that might transform your plans from ordinary to extraordinary.

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