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7 Surprising Must See Vacations in the United States

There are tons of ultra-popular locations in the US to travel. According to TripAdvisor, New York City, Maui, Las Vegas, Oahu, and Orlando are America’s most vacationed destinations in 2018.

But there’s also countless other United States’ travel spots that are worth checking out – and some may surprise you!

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3 Reasons Millennials Should Buy Travel Protection

You’re a millennial with a passion for travel and unique experiences. Planning a trip is part of the fun knowing that relaxation, adventure, and good food await you. There is plenty to think about like flights, lodging, and activities. One more thing should be at the forefront and that’s travel protection. You may be thinking that you don’t need it or that it’s an unnecessary expense. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to help protect each trip you take.

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The 3 C’s of Filing a Travel Insurance Claim

Many people look forward to traveling each year. It’s a great way to explore and unwind from our everyday lives. However, sometimes we run into less than relaxing situations while gone. Having travel protection may help if something unexpected happens before or during your trip. In case something unfortunate does happen, you’ll want to be prepared if you decide to file a claim. Here are a few steps to take in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

The 3 C’s to help you to start the claims process off on the right foot: Consider, Collect and Create.

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Perks of Having a Travel Insured Account

There’s so much you can do online with your Travel Insured account! Our self-service options are easy to navigate and save you time. You can update your account, purchase plans, start claims and more.  We know you lead a busy life, so here’s a quick run-down of what you can do.

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Travel Planning During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Many of us have been glued to news media outlets the past few weeks tracking the progression of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. The possibility of a pandemic brings travelers to consider what this means for trips they’ve already booked and the ones they are considering planning in the future. If you find yourself in either of these categories, we’ve come up with a few steps you should take moving forward.

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Comparing Credit Card Travel Protection to Traditional Travel Protection

A common practice among travelers is choosing not to buy travel protection because they believe their credit cards have enough protection. What they may not realize is there can be significant differences between credit card travel protection and traditional travel protection. Those differences can really affect travelers if things go wrong on their trips.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Claim

You did a lot of smart things while planning your trip. You didn’t wait until the last minute to book your flight and hotel. You know how you’re getting to and from the airport. You purchased your travel protection plan way in advance. You even booked yourself an appointment at the spa. Good thinking! Now, you can look forward to relaxation, good food and good company. But what if something happens and you have to file a claim? Well, here are 5 claim filing mistakes you can avoid to keep the claim process rolling and avoid delays.

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5 Reasons Students Need Travel Protection

One of the greatest things that a student can do is travel. This type of travel can be a short vacation with a group of peers, a volunteer program, or a study abroad program. In each case, young adults have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture other than their own. This is invaluable for students and it expands their ways of learning by being able to experience cultures and traditions around the world. But, with the exciting adventures that lie ahead, it is also important to recognize the risks that can arise from this expedition.

There are several risks that could come along with students traveling. Whatever the risk, it is important to purchase travel insurance to be proactive in case something does happen to go wrong. Here is a list of 5 reasons you or your student shouldn’t overlook travel coverage.

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Answering Your Questions About Pre-Existing Conditions and Travel Protection

Plane tickets? Check!

Hotel reservations? Check!

Pre-paid excursions? Check!

Travel protection? Check! Check!

Pre-existing conditions? Huh??

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4 Tips If Your Airline Goes Bankrupt

Before we travel, no matter the length or destination of our trip, we plan. In fact, we try to anticipate all the things that may happen or may go wrong, so that we are as prepared as possible. In a lot of cases making that extra copy of your itinerary or bringing your more comfortable hiking sneakers rather than the new ones works out in our favor. But some things are still beyond our control. In the wake of both Thomas Cook and Wow Air filing for bankruptcy, air travelers need to be prepared for anything. We want to make sure, no matter where you plan to travel this year, your travel investments are protected.

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