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Take a Virtual Tour of Wyoming!

Wyoming is home to the famous Grand Teton mountain range, Yellowstone National Park and eight national forests. It is no wonder the state has been a playground for explorers for over 150 years! Visiting at least once in your life is a must, especially if you are an outdoor fanatic. However, if you are not fortunate enough to vacation there any time soon, a virtual tour is a great alternative. All you will need is a high-speed internet connection, an Adobe Flash plug-in, and your imagination. Let’s take a virtual tour of Wyoming!

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How Social Media is Changing Travel

Social media is a driving force for trends in all facets of our daily lives. The influence it has continues to grow with new and emerging applications and sites. Social media has changed the way we connect and communicate with people far and wide. Let’s take a look at how social media has changed the way we travel.

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7 Easy Tips for Enhancing Your Travel Photos

So many of us take hundreds of photos while we travel. Many even travel with the sole intention of taking photos. How can we ensure that we’re taking the best pictures possible? Whether you’re using a stand-alone camera or a smart phone, there are a few tips that can help you bring your photography to the next level.

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Virtual Reality Vacations

Most of us look forward to the time that we get to explore the world outside of our hometowns. Sometimes though, there are circumstances that prevent you from being able to venture further than your normal commute. Why should that mean that you need to miss out on seeing new places and learning about new cultures? Luckily, in the 21st century, we don’t have to sit idly waiting for our next adventure. That’s where virtual reality comes into play. Check out some great vacations that you can experience right from the comfort of your own couch.

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Travel in 2050

We see limitations in travel every day. Some of these include the rate at which we can get from one place to another, how efficiently we can travel, and how safely we can get to the place we want to be. Innovators across the globe are working to expand those limits. So, in a way, travel can become limitless. What do we need to make these dreams a reality? Just a little bit of time and some imagination. We used our creative side to give you a few examples of what the future has to offer.

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11 Apps To Use While Traveling

How many apps do you have on your phone? Probably too many to count in under 30 seconds. That’s because there’s an app for almost everything we need to do in our daily lives. We have apps for grocery shopping, recipes, gas rewards, banking, even for sleeping and waking us up! While traveling, especially in unknown places, apps can help us a lot. Whether we need to find our way around, pick a restaurant, get a ride, or book an excursion, apps will help us do it. Here are 11 of our favorite apps to use while traveling!

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2019 Travel Trends

2019 is upon us and that means a whole new year of travel trends. 2019 also means a whole new set of travel predictions, so let’s get forecasting:

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How To Use Your Cellphone Abroad



Using your cell phone in another country can seem intimidating.  Don’t want to get home to a shocking cell phone bill for calling, texting, or even using your GPS?  We wanted to provide you with a few steps you can take to make sure you stay connected to friends and family while traveling—without paying more than you have to.

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Social Media Don’ts When Traveling

socialmediatraveldontsSummer is here and that means many of us have plans to hit the beach and take a vacation or two over the next few months. When vacation has finally arrived, many of us head right to our social media to share posts and pictures about just how excited we are to get away. Although it seems like a fun way of showing off your trip to friends and family, sharing on social media while on vacation can actually be very risky. According to the MetLife Auto & Home Safety Pulse: Danger at the Door survey, 15 percent of the total population reports using social networking sites to post updates when leaving their homes, and more than double that amount—35 percent—of younger Americans (aged 18-34) “check in” to locations and tweet about their whereabouts when away.
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New Travel Industry Trends in 2015

Every year new trends arise that impact the way we travel. The boost in technology is a major factor for continual change in the industry. Traveling has the potential to be more authentic and exciting thanks to new trends constantly emerging. So what are the current trends shaping the travel industry? Keep reading to find out!
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