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6 Unexpected Travel Expenses

The prep work for travel is quite the task to conquer. It becomes difficult because we have to make assumptions and predictions about what we think will occur while we’re there. Unfortunately, there are times that the unexpected happens. One of the things that we find ourselves surprised about are unexpected fees. We compiled a list of a few common travel fees that people don’t expect or forget about. Check them out!

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Why You Might Want to Consider Traveling During the Off Season

One of the biggest decisions we make when we decide to travel is when to actually venture out. Often times this is dictated by the time we are able to take off from work, kids schools schedules, and location. Something to consider, however, is traveling during off season. Off season is the time of year when tourist numbers are at their lowest.

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5 Factors to Consider Before Your Next Trip

Planning your next trip may be just around the corner. You can look forward to rest, relaxation, and adventure. Naturally, you will want to ensure a smooth and fun experience. Achieving that goal is very doable with just a few pieces of advice. Some things to consider include your budget, timing, and trip length. It’s easy to just focus on the end result without putting in the time to really think things through. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of things to keep in mind when planning your next outing.

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10 Vacation-Worthy American Cities with Typically Cheaper Flights

Fun Vacation Spots In The US

For everyone who loves to fly to an awesome vacation spot with a small price tag (AKA everyone!), here’s a list of some of those places.

With average round trip economy ticket costs of less than 300 dollars, pack your bags now and head to one of these fun-packed US cities without breaking the bank!

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Affording Travel In Retirement

Older hikers

It may seem difficult to afford travel once you’re retired. However, it’s possible for anyone to travel on any budget! Your age or income shouldn’t hinder your ability to travel. Sometimes money is a bit tighter, but you can still make travel more affordable. Travel Insured has some tips for retired individuals who want to travel on a budget.
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Summer Travel Savings Tips

With summer vacations nearing close, most of us are looking forward to taking some time off and hopefully taking a few trips. With an expensive summer among us, it shouldn’t mean that you have to stay home. We wanted to provide you with some summer travel savings tips so that you can enjoy your vacations and stop worrying about the expenses!
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