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Spring Fashion Travel Trends to Transform Your Packing Style

Packing is always a difficult task to conquer before you head out of town. Even when you’re good at it, you have to alter the formula based on season, activity list, and number of days. That’s why any tips that can help us get the job done faster and more efficiently are good tips. Focusing on transition season fashion trends is a great place to start. Check out a few ways spring fashion trends will help you pack.

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Fall Fashion Trends That Will Transform the Way You Pack

Transitional seasons, such as Fall and Spring, are great inspirations for functional packing lists. What makes them so great is that they are equipped to satisfy both chiller and warmer weather at the drop of a hat. This means that you’ll need fewer pieces of clothing in your bags. Versatility is your best friend in all facets of travel, but ESPECIALLY when packing. Check out some of our favorite items that will change your packing habits – just in time for fall shopping sprees!

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What to Pack- Checked vs Carry-On Baggage

Packing is one of the more difficult tasks leading up to your travel adventures. The list changes based on location, season, and length of time you’ll be gone. Although there are a few staples that you can expect to put in your bags every time you depart; it’s still a daunting task. Then there’s the intimidating question of what you should be putting in your checked bags versus your carry-ons. Look no further! We’ve prepared some suggestions on how to organize the contents of each.

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Dryer Sheets: An Essential Travel Item

Travelers may be surprised to learn that there are more uses for dryer sheets than just for laundry! You’d think that they only make things smell better, but there are several different ways you can use dryer sheets while traveling. Here are some uses for dryer sheets in different travel scenarios.

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The Ultimate Travel Document Checklist

Traveling is usually an exciting activity that we look forward to. Preparing for the adventure, however, is definitely not as glamorous. Packing leads many travelers to stress out. An easy fix to this is coming up with a check-list of common items that you need every time you travel. Although we aren’t sure how many sweaters and pairs of shoes you’ll need on your next get away, we’ve come up with a list of common travel documents you won’t want to forget on the kitchen table.

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10 Ways to Help Protect Your Baggage

How To Protect Your Luggage From Theft

Most people spend a lot of time making packing decisions for their trips. Lost and delayed bags can really put a wrench in your travel plans. There are some preventative measures you can take to help prevent baggage loss and delay. Here are ten ways you can help to protect your baggage.

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What Not to Pack in Your Checked Luggage


Packing for a trip can be stressful, especially when we all know packing the wrong things has the potential to ruin your trip—especially if that bag gets lost, damaged or delayed. A simple rule of thumb all travelers should abide by? Pack anything of value or importance in your carry-on bag, in case your luggage accidentally doesn’t show up. However, there are a few other things that you might not have thought about. Here are 5 things that you should always be sure to leave out of your checked luggage during your next vacation!

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Top Tips for Packing Light

packing light

More and more people are starting to only pack a carry-on bag when they fly. This is a challenge for over packers. When you have limited space to pack your belongings, you really have to evaluate how necessary it is to bring each item. Even if you’re packing a larger bag, we have some great tips to help you pack efficiently and light!

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The 411 on the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule


With the rules and regulations of airport travel changing frequently in order to keep travelers safe, it can sometimes get tricky knowing what is and isn’t allowed in your bags. The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implements air-travel regulations which all airlines and passengers must follow at all times. To ensure safety, the TSA has placed strict rules on the volume and type of liquids allowed on an airplane. Here are the main rules for liquids so you can get through the airport’s security checkpoint quickly, and avoid having your toiletries and other liquids confiscated all together!

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Travel Hacks for Your Next Vacation

Copy of T ravel hacks-1With long weekends and holidays arriving within the next few months, we found some of the top travel hacks that will ensure smooth sailing from beginning to end.  Check out these quick tips for making your life a bit easier on that next trip!
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