Paid Vacation Days By Country

The end of the year is near, and you’re probably running low on paid time off. The holidays are among us, and the urge to take a day or two off is strong. If you’re an entrepreneur, and you carve your own hectic schedule, you’re probably feeling that end-of-the-year blues too. So where in the world may people not be as stressed out and in need of PTO allowances? Where does lengthy PTO exist?

Here’s a list of the countries around the world with the most paid time off and paid holidays according to official labor laws.

7. Germany & Denmark: 34 PTO days

While Germany is known for its quality infrastructure and exports, they take the philosophy that quality comes from a good balance of work hard, play hard.

Denmark seems to be on the same wavelength as Germany. Ranked by Forbes as the country with the third happiest people, it seems like Denmark’s paid vacation schedule is working out just fine.

Paid Vacation Days Germany


Paid Vacation Days Denmark


6.  Austria: 35 PTO days

Housing some of the richest intellectual and artistic legends, including some of classical music’s most famous composers, Austria’s paid days off seem to convert to creative genius.

Paid Vacation Days Austria


5. Iceland & the United Kingdom: 37 PTO days

Iceland’s lengthy PTO allowance means more time to relax in their famous geothermal baths. 37 spa days seems like a pretty great deal!

In the UK, an ample amount of time off means time to indulge in copious amounts of mouthwatering fish ‘n chips and haggis!

Paid Vacation Days Iceland


Paid Vacation Days United Kingdom

United Kingdom

4. Portugal & France: 38 PTO days

Time is definitely needed to cheer at soccer games and soak up the sun on Portugal’s beautiful beaches. It’s a good thing that with 38 PTO days, there’s plenty of time to do so.

The French march to the same drummer with 38 paid days off. Not only is there ample time for lazy mornings to enjoy a cup of French roast coffee and brioche, but time to explore France’s beautiful countryside or brilliantly cultured cities.

Paid Vacation Days Portugal


Paid Vacation Days France


3. Lithuania: 39 PTO days

With one-third of the country covered in forests, plenty of time off can be spent exploring the country’s unspoiled nature. Or for those that aren’t the nature type, there’s basketball. After all, Lithuania has the fourth best basketball team in the world.

Paid Vacation Days Lithuania


2. Finland: 40 PTO days

Between 10 national holidays and an entire month of vacation days, the Finnish enjoy 40 days of PTO. It’d be difficult to get bored with all of that “free” time, however, with Finland’s ancient fortresses, diverse museums, ski resorts, national parks, and the impressive Design District in Helsinki.

Paid Vacation Days Finland


1. Sweden & Brazil: 41 PTO days

Taking the top spot in most paid vacation days is Sweden and Brazil. Scandinavia is often recognized for being socially progressive, so it’s no surprise Sweden takes the cake. It’s also not a shock to hear that many companies in Sweden have adopted a shorter workday, with the philosophy that the most focus comes from a more condensed work schedule.

Brazil also comes in at the top, boasting 41 PTO days. No doubt, many of these days are spent in February, when the country is, in essence, shut down for Carnival, a massive festival before the forty days of Lent.

Paid Vacation Days Sweden


Paid Vacation Days Brazil


Although here in the US, there is no requirement for employers to give paid vacation time, the majority of private employers do. Although Americans may not receive a whopping 41 PTO days, it makes each paid day off feel extra special. Make sure every special day off counts by contacting your travel advisor for all of your travel needs. And call or visit for a travel protection plan to help safeguard your investment.

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