We are officially in the heart of “Wave Season” which lasts from January to March and features some of the best deals on cruise ship vacations that are offered all year round. Cruises are a great option for several types of travelers including couples, honeymooners, students, and families. Cruise vacations can be very different than a vacation to a single destination, so it is important to know what to be prepared for. Whether you are thinking about embarking on your first cruise adventure, or you plan one yearly, we wanted to provide a few tips that will make your cruise vacation easier, safer, and more enjoyable!

Before Departure                                                                                       

Before you depart on your cruise, make sure you are aware of the cruise line rules and regulations. It is also important to contact the ship with any special requests or accommodations of your own that may be helpful during your stay. Make sure you leave your travel itinerary with a close friend or family member and exchange emergency contact numbers in case something unexpectedly occurs while you’re away. Also, be sure to check with your doctor before departing and find out if any special immunizations are required for the countries on your itinerary. Always check your cruise ticket and verify that all information is correct, as well as any other planned transportation you will be using along the way.


When packing for a cruise, it is important that you plan for all different types of climates. The weather in one destination may be hot and sunny when the next could be cool and cloudy. You want to pack clothing you will be comfortable in during the day time, as well as informal and formal options for the evening hours for dinner and shows. Do not forget to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, enough prescription medication for the entire trip if you need it, as well as important documentations including your passport, license, and cruise and airline confirmations.

On Board

When you are on the ship, it is important to remember that you should tip any staff members who provide you with service including waiters, stewards, guides, bartenders, and salon or specialty service workers. When on the ship, never leave any valuables out of sight or out in the open in order to protect anything from being stolen. It is also important to learn the layout of the ship and the planned exit route just in case of an emergency.

On Shore

Since your ship will most likely be stopping at a number of destinations for you to enjoy along the way, it is important to remember that many activities you may take part in off the cruise line are not included in your trip cost. Make sure you know the prices before you agree to anything, as well as have a small amount of cash or a credit card on you. Be aware of food and drinks you might consume while at your destinations considering some may not be safe. On shore, always be sure to carry your identification, as well as your cruise ship and travel protection plan information.

Do you have any travel tips for cruising? Let us know!

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