Travelers may be surprised to learn that there are more uses for dryer sheets than just for laundry! You’d think that they only make things smell better, but there are several different ways you can use dryer sheets while traveling. Here are some uses for dryer sheets in different travel scenarios.

In Your Baggage:
Put them between clothes to keep them smelling fresh.
Put them inside your shoes so foot odors won’t spread to other items in your bag.

In Your Hotel Room:
If the room doesn’t smell great, put a dryer sheet in the vent.
If the trash smells, put a dryer sheet in it to absorb the odor.
Putting dryer sheets in the hotel bed may be able to deter bed bugs.
If the hotel iron is a bit sticky, put it on low heat, rub the iron on a dryer sheet, and it should come clean!
Although the room should be clean, dryer sheets are great at picking up dust.

Dryer sheets can repel insects so rub the sheet on your clothing and keep one in your pocket.
At the beach you can rub a dryer sheet on your skin to get sand off more easily.
If you’re camping, a dryer sheet is a good item to start a fire with.

On the Go:
If you change a diaper but can’t dispose of it immediately, put a dryer sheet in the diaper to help with the smell.
In the car, put a dryer sheet under the seats to keep the car smelling fresh, especially on long road trips.
Consider wiping your car windows or electronics’ screens with dryer sheets to clean them.

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