Exploring the United States is an exciting idea. Taking it one state at a time might be even more exciting. You will have opportunities to experience countless climates, cultures, history, people, and more. Think about making a list of all the states and creating a bucket list itinerary for each of them. Each time you’re ready to travel but aren’t sure where to go or what to do when you get there, refer to your list and start crossing places off.

What’s great about traveling domestically is the opportunity for road tripping. Not only may this be a bit more cost effective, based on number of travelers and distance, but it may also lend itself to your travel experience as a whole. Creating memories on the road is the best way to kick off and end a trip.

Last time we went exploring in the U.S. we considered Maine, a New England staple. Now let’s take some time to explore Louisiana. We’ll dive into a few of the things that make Louisiana bucket list worthy.


Louisiana is located in the southern part of the United States. This plays a large role on the culture that we see when visiting. what’s interesting about this state is the different cultures within the state. It’s clear to most Americans the cultural differences we see across wide expanses of the U.S. But, even in the singular state of Louisiana there are variations. Northern Louisiana is largely influenced by African American and British American cultures that were brought to the area during the settlement of the U.S. The south has a larger French and Creole cultural influence.

These influences play a huge role in the day to day life of Louisianian population. Religion, food, clothing and more all find roots in the traditions of the settlers that founded the state.


Many of us travel for food. We want to try new things and see how people prepare food across different regions. Even if you don’t travel just for food, you’ve got to eat while you’re away, so you might as well have fun with it! Cajun and Creole food are native to Louisiana. Gumbo and jambalaya are two of the most well know and popular dishes. Creole food may be referred to as “city food” while Cajun food may be referred to as “country food”. what is the real difference between the two? Most simply put Creole cuisine uses a base of tomatoes for many of its recipes, while Cajun cuisine does not. To be fair, this doesn’t mean that Cajun food has no tomatoes ever, but you are more likely to find a tomato base in Creole food than Cajun.

Spices are bold and varied in both cuisines. Rice is a popular staple, as well as seafood such as crab shrimp and salmon. Let’s not forget about dessert though. Beignets – one of the most delicious fried pastries you may ever put into your mouth. They are essentially a mix between a donut and a small fried dough. It reminds many people of elephant ears from fair ground especially if you eat yours with powdered sugar. They’re smaller than a typical elephant ear, so you can feel less guilty for having four or five of them in one sitting. Be sure to stop by “Café Du Monde” in New Orleans, as they are well known for their beignets.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is celebrated throughout the United State but is most well known in Louisiana, especially in New Orleans. It stands for “Fat Tuesday”, and falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday in the Christian religion. in New Orleans festivities take place for almost two full weeks leading up to the actual day. Events are carnival like with bright colors, music, dancing, parades and more.

If you plan on traveling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras be sure to plan ahead. Hotels and accommodations fill up quickly. Consider visiting the Mardi Gras New Orleans Website for more information about what events are scheduled, packages for food and parades, and more.


Music plays a large role in many parts of Louisianian culture and life. There are tunes for celebration, for love, for sadness and death, and much more. One thing that’s common between it all though is that music can be found all throughout the state at all times. In fact, it might be hard to escape. The music varies, much like the food, across the state with noticeable differences between the north and the south. Creole and Cajun music are popular, as are jazz and blues. You may have heard the term Zydeco music. This music has French and creole influence and has a blend of both jazz and R&B.


Louisiana has been rumored to be a paranormal state. Whether or not there is any truth to this is unknown. that doesn’t stop ghost hunters from making their way to the haunted mansions and graveyards across the state. From hotels and restaurants to historic mansions and plantations, hauntings are said to come from many historic locations in the state. The early destruction of Louisiana history lends to the idea that there may be something lurking in the shadows.

No matter what reason you choose to visit Louisiana, we’re sure that you’ll be impressed. Be sure you add this great state and some of these highlights to your bucket list for future travel. And never forget to pack your travel insurance each time you leave the house. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit our website to learn more about how it can help you in a travel emergency.


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